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News, Feature Feds Try to Handcuff Bay Area Dispensaries

Feds Try to Handcuff Bay Area Dispensaries

Don't call Lynette Shaw paranoid. They're definitely out to get her. Shaw operates Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, which has sold state-authorized marijuana out of a tiny Fairfax storefront since 1996 and is likely the state's oldest medical cannabis dispensary.…
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News, The Snitch Congressman Pete Stark Aims to Save Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Big Bucks

Congressman Pete Stark Aims to Save Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Big Bucks

As if raids from gun-toting Drug Enforcement Agency agents weren't enough to make stoners paranoid, California's medical marijuana clubs can also be shut down real fast by the IRS. That's because the Internal Revenue Service has declared that California's legal…
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Music, Hear This Dom: Show Preview

Dom: Show Preview

Dom has a mystique that is driven by dualism. In an April interview with Pitchfork, the musician whose mononym doubles as the name of the Worcester, Mass.-based group revealed fascinating tidbits that may or may not be true: Dom won't…
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Culture, Summer Guide Fun Times from Uncle Sugar

Fun Times from Uncle Sugar

Are things looking bad inside the deep, empty recesses of your wallet? Well, lucky you: The IRS has your back. Under the federal stimulus plan, we'll all be getting a little extra cash — up to a whopping $400 each…
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News, Matt Smith

Double Bogey

How many people in San Francisco are involved in multimillion-dollar illegal tax shelters? Would you believe: more than 200,000? That's how many commuters each day ride the San Francisco Municipal Railway's system of rail cars and buses, which in 2002…
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News, Letters

Care Not Cash Volunteer Recommends Work, Ass-Kicking to Homeless in SF Weekly Letters

CPAgony Fun with fine print: The IRS Form 990 isn't merely "a public information form designed to help potential donors evaluate charities' effectiveness"; it is the nonprofit's tax return, designed to enable the IRS to discern whether it is following…
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News, Letters

Armenian Genocide Resolution Blog Posting at Draws Armenian Ire

Turkish Dismay Blind hatred all around: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors' recent adoption of a resolution calling on Pelosi to continue her support for the Armenian Genocide resolution in Congress was an act of honesty,…
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News, Feature

Unpaid in Full

The IRS of digital performance royalties, SoundExchange, claims it can't find thousands of often-popular artists to pay them their money. The deadline to contact them passes on June 30 for unclaimed royalties at least three years old; SoundExchange could pocket…
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News, Sucka Free City No $$ for Blood

No $$ for Blood

Three years into the Iraq War, some protesters have blisters on their heels from marching and are looking for new ways to express their disapproval. So last week, a handful of Bay Area firebrands turned to war tax resistance: By…
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News, Matt Smith

Follow the Money

Actors dressed as doctors hover over a comatose patient on an ER-like set. Instead of properly curing the poor fellow, they cover him in Band-Aids. A baritone voice explains that the mocked-up operating room is analogous to current budget negotiations…
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Best of San Francisco, People & Places

Best Chronicle Tag-Team

The steroid scandal broke this fall with word that IRS investigators had raided an odd little supplement company in Burlingame called the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative. Since then, the Chronicle -- largely behind the reporting of Mark Fainaru-Wada and…
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News, Letters

Letters to the Editor

Mean Sucks Especially when it comes to a band she likes: I was thrilled to see the Paradise Boys on the cover, but was very let down by the interview . What I like…
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Culture, Stage Accounted For

Accounted For

Anyone who thinks he has IRS trouble should go see Love & Taxes. Josh Kornbluth cultivates a schlemiel persona -- a shambling perpetual loser with nebbishy glasses and thinning hair -- for the benefit of the rest of us who…
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Dining, Social Grace

Baby Talk

Dear Social Grace: What is the polite response to inquiries about my husband's and my baby-making plans? With folks we don't know well, it's easy enough to deflect the question with a smile and a joke; with intimate friends and…
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Calendar, Night&Day Kornbluth's Blues

Kornbluth's Blues

The name of Josh Kornbluth's latest solo show, Love & Taxes, has a satirical feel to it: What could the IRS possibly have to do with affairs of the heart? But the seemingly oxymoronic title is no joke -- Kornbluth…
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News, Matt Smith Runaway Train

Runaway Train

It's April 2002, and the city budget is suffering the aftereffects of a half-decade of financial fakery that might be called the Internet-Enron flimflam boom. The airport is almost broke; the Municipal Railway budget is coming up millions of dollars…
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News, Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Abroad in the Hoochie Nation How we got the idea it would be a simple matter to show up at Pac Bell Park, buy tickets from a scalper, and watch the San Francisco Demons kick the L.A. Xtreme up and…
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News, South to the Future

South to the Future

May 24, 2000 Washington, D.C. -- When a team of federal agents stormed the suburban Virginia home of Miguel and Abi Guzman early one Monday morning, the neighbors suspected the worst. Recently arrived from Miami, the couple was seldom seen…
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News, Bay View Indecent Disclosure

Indecent Disclosure

Ever since Willie L. Brown Jr. was elected speaker of the California State Assembly in 1980, rumors of financial improprieties and allegations of conflicts of interest -- rightly or wrongly -- have swirled around him. The financial questions continued to…
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Calendar, Halloween

Paper Trails

A Fair Campaign? Mayor Frank Jordan is the target of a "massive" audit and investigation to determine whether he violated state campaign laws in his 1991 mayoral campaign, according to sources familiar with the probe. The state Fair Political Practices…
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