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News, Sucka Free City And the One-Man Band Played On: The City Can't Stop the Music

And the One-Man Band Played On: The City Can't Stop the Music

It's an old routine: A maintenance truck rolls up to the corner of Fourth and Market streets, right outside the Old Navy department store. The driver gets out and approaches a stack of buckets, milk crates, and unopened cans of…
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News, Feature Chairman Willie: Willie Brown's Not-So-Secret Connection to the Hunters Point Project

Chairman Willie: Willie Brown's Not-So-Secret Connection to the Hunters Point Project

Photo by Mike Koozmin This story was originally reported by Matt Smith for the independent, nonprofit Center for Investigative Reporting, the country's largest investigative reporting team. We present it here in partnership with CIR. For more information, visit…
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Culture, Art One Hundred Years of Pulchritude: Lawrence Ferlinghetti's Paintings

One Hundred Years of Pulchritude: Lawrence Ferlinghetti's Paintings

At age 94, Lawrence Ferlinghetti is as feisty as ever — certainly as feisty as he was in the mid-1950s, when he was arrested and put on trial for publishing Allen Ginsberg's Howl and Other Poems. Back then, after U.S.…
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Calendar, Night&Day On the Front Lines

On the Front Lines

In the 1980s, people raised holy heck about what they called the “Manhattanization” of San Francisco (we should be so lucky) because of a couple of new high-rises. What we fear more these days might be called the “Pleasantonization” of…
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Culture, Artcap

Art Review: Eileen David: "Recent Paintings"

Through Eileen David's tiny brush strokes, everyday scenes of Potrero Hill, Bernal Heights, Hunters Point (where her studio is), and other San Francisco neighborhoods erupt with color and feeling. Rows of houses become alluring triangles and squares. Oil tankers dazzle…
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News, Sucka Free City S.F. State student who invoked Shield Law reveals murder scene photo in national contest

S.F. State student who invoked Shield Law reveals murder scene photo in national contest

Last April, San Francisco was home to the sort of ethical controversy that occasionally erupts when the priorities of journalists and cops collide. A San Francisco State University photojournalist working on a project in Bayview–Hunters Point found himself on the…
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Dining, Eat What's a man gotta do to find the real soul food deal?

What's a man gotta do to find the real soul food deal?

It isn't easy finding a platter of honest-to-God soul food in this town. A lot of what is passed off as the genuine article may be Creole cuisine or Texas barbecue or tarted-up country cooking, but it isn't soul food.…
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Extraordinary Mayor

Gavin Newsom's view of his world and those who inhabit it is nothing less than "extraordinary." As evidence of this, we cite his generous use of "extraordinary," which is in itself "extraordinary." Newsom always peppers his official speeches and off-the-cuff…
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News, Feature Walking the Line

Walking the Line

As Daniel Dennard steered his white Pontiac sedan along Cargo Way, a lonely industrial road leading to Pier 96 on the eastern waterfront, he noticed the gold minivan in his rearview mirror advancing on him. Dennard had grown up in…
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News, Aim Low

Aim Low

For the better part of a decade, Dorothy Peterson has been skirmishing with AIMCO, a Colorado-based real estate behemoth that bills itself as the "largest owner of apartment homes in the U.S." and boasts a portfolio of some 240,000 apartment…
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Music, Almost Humon

Almost Humon

0ne of the best places in San Francisco to see top industrial, electronic, and out musicians has long been hidden behind burned-out cars in a private warehouse at the end of a potholed dirt road. For roughly 30 years, San…
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News, Feature Get Out of Jail Free

Get Out of Jail Free

In a life studded with tragedy and trouble, March 30, 2006, was an undeniably sweet day for Acie Mathews. Clad in a sleek leather trench coat, his hair twisted into little microdreads, Mathews pushed open the heavy wooden doors of…
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News, Sucka Free City Invasive Species

Invasive Species

Mares eat oats, and does eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy. A goat will eat most anything, but not California broom grass, a tough, woody plant that grows in scruffy clumps on the rolling hills of Hunters Point's Heron's…
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News, Matt Smith


On a drizzly Thursday afternoon in April a pair of construction workers in orange Mitchell Engineering vests mucked around with shovels on the east shore of Mission Creek, an industrial slough cut into the century-old bay fill that undergirds San…
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News, Night Crawler Child's Play

Child's Play

The sound of distant applause and laughter rises on the wind, causing shallow wrinkles in the heavy silence hanging over the southeastern edge of Hunters Point. The wedge of a yellow-orange moon spreads slowly across the San Francisco Bay as…
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News, Bay View Glowing Review

Glowing Review

Sculptors who are members of the Point, an artist community at the former Hunters Point Shipyard, have been notified that the building where they've been working -- in some cases for years -- is contaminated with radioactive materials, and they'll…
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News, Feature Diseaseville


Keith Tisdell and his fiancee, Shaaron Green-Peace, have lived in a motor home parked outside their town house for the past year. Their parking-lot home sits atop a hill that looks out across San Francisco Bay. The view is breathtaking,…
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Music, OK Then

Still No Title

Pedal pushers Sometimes rock 'n' roll just isn't good enough. Sure it rocks, and maybe it even rolls, but is there a chance -- a good chance -- that you'll break your neck? Bleed to death? Get attacked by the…
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News, Bay View Hot Story

Hot Story

With little fanfare, U.S. Navy officials in charge of cleaning up the Hunters Point Shipyard acknowledged last week that Navy personnel had burned large amounts of fuel contaminated with radioactive material in the shipyard's boilers 56 years ago. In its…
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News, Bay View Hot News

Hot News

Under pressure from community members and regulators to fully investigate toxic contamination at Hunters Point Shipyard, U.S. Navy officials have discovered several new sites that might be contaminated with radioactive substances -- including three in a neighborhood outside the former…
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