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Film, "The Internet's Own Boy": The Vilification and Martyrdom of Aaron Swartz

"The Internet's Own Boy": The Vilification and Martyrdom of Aaron Swartz

Brian Knappenberger's film might easily be repurposed as a fictional political thriller, but it's much scarier as a documentary. The subject of The Internet's Own Boy is programmer and information activist Aaron Swartz, the Stanford dropout who helped found Reddit,…
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Calendar, Night&Day A Little Bit of (Almost) Everything

A Little Bit of (Almost) Everything

If names are any kind of predictor of one’s fate, you have to sort of boggle at the success of someone like Paula Poundstone. While one might think going through life with a name reminiscent of an exotic dancer on…
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News, The Snitch Facebook Hollywood Saga Comes to An End: Winklevii Twins Lose in Court

Facebook Hollywood Saga Comes to An End: Winklevii Twins Lose in Court

The notorious Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler -- who sued Mark Zuckerberg, claiming he ripped off their social networking idea to launch Facebook -- have lost another round in court with the Zuck.After the twins signed a deal with Zuckerberg…
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Culture, Books "All Things Shining": How Greek philosophers can bring back wonder

"All Things Shining": How Greek philosophers can bring back wonder

Hey kids, ever wondered how Western philosophical thought has evolved over the past few thousand years, and why, and what we should think and do about it now? Well, we can start with a new book by What Computers Can't…
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Film, "The Social Network": David Fincher on Facebook's unlovable creator, Mark Zuckerberg

"The Social Network": David Fincher on Facebook's unlovable creator, Mark Zuckerberg

The Social Network is a wonderful title, at once Olympian in its detachment and self-descriptive in its buzz. Everyone will opine (and Tweet) on this Scott Rudin–produced, Aaron Sorkin–scripted, David Fincher–directed, universally anticipated tale of Facebook's genesis and founding genius…
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News, Sucka Free City @sk Jamie Varon: Is there any privacy on the Internet?

@sk Jamie Varon: Is there any privacy on the Internet?

Dear Jamie, I heard about that girl from Harvard whose racist e-mails were forwarded, and now all my friends are pissed about Facebook and how we have no privacy. What's the deal? Can anyone forward my e-mails? Is Facebook allowed…
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Calendar, Night&Day Alchemical Art

Alchemical Art

Raymond Saunders is far from the only artist to use street detritus in his work, but he's among the most powerful of those who do. He's won almost every art award you can win, is part of important permanent collections…
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Calendar, Night&Day Look! It’s Super Comics Guy!

Look! It’s Super Comics Guy!

Paging through Scott McCloud’s wizardly Understanding Comics, you might think the graphic novelist was building on a foundation of comics theory -- standing on the shoulders of giants, as it were. Not so: Until he published it, the critical field…
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Film, Colloquial Williamsburg

Colloquial Williamsburg

Andrew Bujalski has produced only a pair of microbudget 16 mm features since 2002 — but it's taken this narrow-casting, 30-ish Harvard grad only those two features to stake out a particular territory as well as a fan base. Bujalski's…
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Culture, Stagecap

Woof, Daddy

A father and a son go duck-hunting and, guns in hand, try to hash out the deaths of the mother, daughter, and beloved dog while the departed ghosts look on. At first the father speaks only in cryptic rhyming couplets…
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Culture, Stage <i>Gemini</i> Descending

Gemini Descending

The climax of Albert Innaurato's play Gemini doesn't occur where you'd expect to find it. It's not the part where a drunk, middle-aged, Irish-American divorcee threatens to throw herself off a telegraph pole. Nor is it the moment when a…
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Film, Swift Kick

Swift Kick

Elijah Wood is not a believable tough guy. Probably this comes as no great revelation to you. There's a reason that the Lord of the Rings video games tend to focus on Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf -- Wood's Frodo is…
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News, Feature Gonick's Comic Creation

Gonick's Comic Creation

Larry Gonick's right index finger bends unnaturally at the tip, sort of like a divining rod. This is what happens after 30 years of squeezing a Speedball pen and scritch-scritch-scritching out the story of the universe. Seated in his Potrero…
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News, Dog Bites

The Anarchist Knitting Circle

In 2000, Harvard sociology professor Robert D. Putnam tracked the erosion of American social networks and civic involvement in his book Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community. Through his research on Americans' declining participation in things like…
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Calendar, Night&Day Out in the Open

Out in the Open

Back in the days I worked at a video store in Flatbush, a Brooklyn neighborhood with a large population of Orthodox Jews, I was always curious about that intensely private group, which seemed as foreign to me as the Amish.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist

Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum stands naked in front of a screen on which fragmented colors morph and melt together. He moves his hands, covered in "motion capture gloves" that resemble high-tech armored falconer's gloves, and an eerie, metallic sound emerges,…
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Music, Tom Lehrer

Tom Lehrer

Tom Lehrer may be the most influential musical satirist of the past century. He was certainly one of the funniest, and one of the most widely emulated. Frolicking his way toward notoriety in the early 1950s, Lehrer defied the willful…
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Calendar, Night&Day New Trad Jazz

New Trad Jazz

Thirty-one-year-old Joshua Redman is young, smart, and deeply talented. The Berkeley High alum and Harvard U grad splashed down as the "It Boy" of contemporary saxophony in the early '90s, winning the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition and becoming…
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News, Feature That Was the Wit That Was

That Was the Wit That Was

Decades after he left the stage to teach math in Santa Cruz, the voice of legendary satirist Tom Lehrer still echoes By Jack Boulware Looking sharp in a British suit and fashion eyewear, comedian Greg Proops paces the stage of…
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News, South to the Future

South to the Future

December 1, 1999 CAMBRIDGE, MASS. -- Student leaders at Harvard University are demanding that the venerable institution abolish tuition fees for all undergraduates. Leaders of the movement for a no-cost Harvard education claim that the bullish economy has inflated the…
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