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Calendar, Night&Day Gitmo Stew

Gitmo Stew

K-Stew a la Gitmo has an ear-catching if somewhat indelicate ring, like some earthy Cajun specialty with famously secret ingredients — or just a glib thing to say in cautious anticipation of the new film Camp X-Ray, with Kristen…
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Culture, Artcap

Sandow Birk: "American Qur'an," and Al Farrow: "Reliquaries"

Since 2004, Sandow Birk has painstakingly drawn an English-language version of the Quran, with an emphasis on "drawn." Birk's holy book is meant to be appreciated as gallery fare — to be gazed at for the modern paintings of U.S.…
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Culture, Books Tortured: Coming to grips with the War on Terror

Tortured: Coming to grips with the War on Terror

Just because the subtitle of San Francisco writer Justine Sharrock's book was changed from "How Our Cowardly Leaders Abused Prisoners, American Soldiers, and Everything We're Fighting For" to "When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things" doesn't mean it has lost its…
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Calendar, Night&Day <i>District 9</i>

District 9

The aliens have been with us for 20 years already at the start of South African director Neill Blomkamp’s fast and furiously inventive District 9, their huddled masses long ago extracted from their broken-down mothership and deposited in the titular…
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News, Feature Guant&aacute;namo's Last Days

Guantánamo's Last Days

The soldiers move through the wheat field, scanning the windswept plain for signs of trouble. There are six of them, dressed in fatigues and body armor, wearing the sunglasses and bushy beards popular among the Special Forces. The only thing…
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Film, Let's Go to Prison

Let's Go to Prison

Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg wrote Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle with the novel idea: What if you made a John Hughes movie, but instead of writing garishly caricatured bit players with names like Long Duk Dong, you…
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Film, Absurdistan


Earnest, sad, and righteous, they are not. More inspired by M*A*S*H or Dr. Strangelove than The Deer Hunter or Coming Home, a new pack of political films that defy the clichés of the Iraq War cinema has arrived. Notwithstanding a…
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Film, Patterns of Abuse

Patterns of Abuse

At the crosswalk the other day, I noticed something peeking out from the usual pasting of flyers on the light pole in front of me. It looked like an address label. In a nondescript font was printed: "OUT OF IRAQ"…
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Music, Bouncer

No sex, no drugs, and Shields & Yarnell. It must be hell.

Hey, sinner: While you've been fornicating, aborting, shooting up, and popping organic grapes in your mouth at Whole Foods without paying, hell has been there, tolling its bells for you. Pope Benedict XVI was kind enough to bring us this…
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Film, To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back

Just in time for its U.S. release, Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross' fierce docudrama The Road to Guantanamo received a giant shot of free publicity in early June with the news that three Arab inmates at the infamous detention center…
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Culture, Stage Political Puppets

Political Puppets

Lunatique Fantastique's Executive Order 9066 is an unusual kind of concentration camp play. There are no verbatim testimonies from real-life prisoners to give the work a veneer of journalistic vérité; no graphic scenes of guard brutality to make viewers run…
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Culture, Stage Play as Weapon

Play as Weapon

In 1992, legendary Brazilian theater director, writer, and teacher Augusto Boal was elected to legislative office. Boal isn't the first or only stage artist to assume a position of political power in modern history: The playwright Václav Havel became president…
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Calendar, Performance How Free?

How Free?

FRI 3/26 We've been hearing the dirty word "Guantánamo" for so long now that one wonders how the United States-led torture fiasco situated in the Cuban bay has yet to be relegated to a discomfiting, if distant, past. In an…
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Calendar, Night&Day Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso

The sprawling International Latino Film Festival covers a lot of ground: Among its 81 films, it's got everything from heartwarming coming-of-age stories to documentaries on hate crimes perpetrated against farmworkers. As such, it's everything a good film festival should be:…
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