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Music, All Shook Down Sounds of Pop/Sounds of Protest: A Conversation with Greil Marcus and Gina Arnold

Sounds of Pop/Sounds of Protest: A Conversation with Greil Marcus and Gina Arnold

Students at the University of San Francisco were treated to an engaging discussion yesterday between music journalist and author Gina Arnold and revered cultural critic Greil Marcus on the sounds of pop music and protest. Hosted inside a classroom but open…
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Music, All Shook Down When Greil Marcus Goes Shopping at Amoeba: A Cashier's Account

When Greil Marcus Goes Shopping at Amoeba: A Cashier's Account

When Greil Marcus enters Amoeba Music, the record store where I cashier part-time, my impressions of the man based on his work conflict with the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Shooting the Debris

Shooting the Debris

Anyone who’s taken a road trip across the country knows that remnants of “that old, weird America” Greil Marcus referred to are plentiful if you take time to look. Minnesotan photographer Alec Soth has traversed the nation several times, and…
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Calendar, Night&Day Situationist Comedy

Situationist Comedy

"Religion undoubtedly surpasses every other human activity in sheer quantity and variety of bullshit," Ken Knabb wrote in 1978. It's Knabb's own lack of, er, bunk that's helped him rally would-be radicals around his area of expertise, a Paris-born, Marx-bred…
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Calendar, Night&Day Rock Jewell-ry

Rock Jewell-ry

When Bob Dylan released his controversial 1970 album, Self Portrait, writer Greil Marcus griped that he'd "buy an album of Dylan breathing heavily … but not an album of Dylan breathing softly." Americana fans may have been similarly piqued upon…
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Calendar, Night&Day Tales of the City

Tales of the City

The theme of Porchlight’s all-star fancytown gala is “Urban Legends.” The storytelling series is famous for including nobodies in its stage show, but it has not included any nobodies tonight. Instead, “Library Laureates” has an amazing lineup, featuring Wilkes Bashford…
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Calendar, Night&Day Now I'm A ...

Now I'm A ...

Jeff Chang makes you cry; so does Greil Marcus. But in the new Believer Art Issue, plenty of the other contributors make you laugh and smirk and grin and have other reactions as well. Peter Blegvad as interviewed by Franklin…
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Music, All Shook Down 34th Telluride Film Festival Day Two: Greil Marcus and writing with one eye

34th Telluride Film Festival Day Two: Greil Marcus and writing with one eye

SF Weekly's Meredith Brody brings us news from Telluride regarding Bob Dylan, Sad Rock Docs, and Narcissism. Thanks, Mer. -d2 Another anecdote from the previous day: as I wait in the Denver airport for the Telluride charter flight: a young…
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Music, All Shook Down The Sopranos' Last Supper -- Holsten’s

The Sopranos' Last Supper -- Holsten’s

One of the most amusing tidbits coming out of the instant online deconstruction of Sunday night’s final Sopranos episode was that Holsten’s, where Tony and his family were to share what might just have been their Last Supper, is…
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Culture, Bookcap

The Shape of Things to Come: Prophecy and the American Voice

By Greil Marcus Farrar, Straus and Giroux (September), $25 Anyone (me, for instance) who read and grokked Lipstick Traces at a tender age is predisposed to adore Greil Marcus, so please attach a grain of salt to this review. The…
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Music, OK Then

Protest Song

Abu Ghraib. Um, what happened there? I mean, I know what happened, but what happened next? So Charles Graner Jr., the "ringleader" of the abuses, was recently sentenced to 10 years in a military prison, his former girlfriend Lynndie England…
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Music, Reviewed Sleater-Kinney


Despite what Greil Marcus and other critics might tell you, Sleater-Kinney is not for everyone. With a plethora of articles in the mainstream press, including a 2001 piece in Time that proclaimed the group America's best rock band, you'd think…
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Music, Outside  the Game

Outside the Game

Greil Marcus is a rock-critic legend. A graduate of the late-'60s Berkeley scene, Marcus began his rock and social criticism with then-fledgling Rolling Stone magazine and quickly became notable for his highbrow style and brainy approach. His obvious talent and…
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Riff Raff

Well, Muni Drivers Are Already Wearing Polyester Mark O'Hara, the lead singer of local funk and disco cover band SuperBooty, announced his candidacy for mayor of San Francisco last week. O'Hara, who performs "Car Wash," "Jungle Boogie," "Super Freak," and…
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Riff Raff

What the Fuck Is Greil Marcus Writing About on Page 2 of the New York Times' Arts Section Every Monday? The first of the year saw Berkeley's Greil Marcus debuting a new column in the New York Times. Marcus is…
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News, Letters


A Message to Michael I read Michael Sragow every week because of his pop-culture-essayist aspirations -- hell, the man doesn't even pretend to be a critic anymore. Like his fellow critics-cum-essayists Greil Marcus and Greg Tate, Sragow is eager to…
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Dear Johnny: My problem is that I can't figure out what kind of face I should make at the Shoreline next week, if I come to see you. As the Sex Pistols launch into, say, "Seventeen," should I adopt a…
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News, Feature

The Professor of Punk

When Greil Marcus says he never wanted to be a rock star, it's easy to believe him. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Marcus, one of America's best-known pop culture critics (and almost certainly its most erudite), clings to no air-guitar…
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Calendar, Night&Day


wednesday october 25 Hungry Eye Most people know (and love) William Conrad for his TV roles, especially Cannon, that crime-fighting detective who -- in the words of one fan -- looks like "a bowling ball in a leisure suit." But…
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