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Music, Hear This PAWS: Show Preview

PAWS: Show Preview

Glasgow trio PAWS are about to release their second album, Youth Culture Forever, which frankly doesn't sound very Scottish, whatever you take that to mean. Whereas its predecessor, the relentlessly catchy Cokefloat!, surfed effortlessly along the swooping forelock of '90s…
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Music, Hear This

CHVRCHES: Show Preview

At first blush, "CHVRCHES" reads like the assertive moniker of a scowling black metal band. But this Glasgow three-piece makes music that's leagues softer and more vulnerable. Establishing itself in late 2011, the hotly hyped outfit is steered by Lauren…
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Music, BeatBox Icee Hot: Show Preview

Icee Hot: Show Preview

If you had even a passing interest in U.K. electronic music last year, chances are you came across the Glasgow-based Numbers label, which put out some of some of the best-loved dance/house/bass/grime singles of 2010. Now the label is bringing…
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Music, BeatBox Hudson Mohawke: Show Preview

Hudson Mohawke: Show Preview

Hudson Mohawke, born Ross Birchard, is a product of working-class Glasgow, Scotland, but his remixes and original productions — especially those on his 2009 Warp Records debut, Butter — belie a fascination with the beats, rhymes, and vocals of urban…
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Music, Feature San Francisco Love Story

San Francisco Love Story

View more photographs in Belle and Sebastian Cover Shoot: Behind the Scenes. It was January 1993 in Glasgow, and Stuart Murdoch was sick. Bedridden with chronic fatigue syndrome, the frail 24-year-old had already dropped out of university and quit working.…
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Music, Teenage Fanclub chases lost songcraft on its ninth album

Teenage Fanclub chases lost songcraft on its ninth album

Rock bands tend to begin in secret. They are formed in the daydreams of adolescent boys and girls turned on by a record or magazine article or all-ages show that in some way points them toward the thing they most…
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Calendar, Night&Day Fuzz Munchers

Fuzz Munchers

Named after an underground comic strip, the Yummy Fur was an underground band from 1990s Glasgow, two of whose many members went on to form Franz Ferdinand. Mainstay John McKeown now fronts a band called — what else? — 1990s,…
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Music, Hear This Mogwai


Despite stylistic differences, Glasgow's Mogwai and Los Angeles' Dead Meadow both make music that lends itself to mind-altering substances. Since 1996, Mogwai has been crafting epic instrumental soundscapes with songs that stretch well beyond five minutes. The band stacks atmospheric…
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Calendar, Night&Day A Black Mark On Your Record

A Black Mark On Your Record

Alan Black is the heart and soul of the Edinburgh Castle. If not for him, far fewer San Franciscans would have tempted the fate of their colons by ingesting haggis during an ode to the Ploughman Poet; nor would they…
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Calendar, Night&Day

Film Flam

Locals love to love the crusty beer "garden" at Zeitgeist, but tourists must think they've landed in either heaven or hell. Come to think of it, some locals also hate to love it or even love to hate it. The…
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Music, Dark Side of the Songbird

Dark Side of the Songbird

Two years ago, Scottish songbird Isobel Campbell hadn't even heard of Mark Lanegan -- the former Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age singer with the somber, bourbon- and nicotine-stained baritone that conjures dark nights of excess, bewitchment, and…
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Music, Boogie for Bush!

Boogie for Bush!

It all seems so clear now. Ninety years ago, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated -- tripping off the guns of August and the start of World War I. Doesn't that shit just make you want to dance? Well it did…
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Film, Kill Wil

Kill Wil

Suicide made merry. Brotherly devotion tinged with carnal deceit. Personal tragedy transformed by malicious humor. These are some of the oil-and-water notions advanced by Lone Scherfig's Wilbur, a mood-switching meditation on love and death that goes out of its way…
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Music, Reviewed Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura

Listeners shouldn't be faulted for thinking that Under Achievers Please Try Harder, the second LP from Glasgow's Camera Obscura, is some kind of Belle & Sebastian side project. Stuart Murdoch's presence hangs over the proceedings like a truant officer watching…
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Music, Reviewed Aereogramme


The chunky bass line that opens Aereogramme's Sleep and Release is nothing less than a short fuse. When it sizzles into the rest of the song's parts -- the combustible guitars, the pounding drums, the wrung-out vocal wail -- the…
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Music, Pop Philosophy There's a Riot Goin' On

There's a Riot Goin' On

Putting the "Grr!" in grrl power At the Ladyfest Bay Area press conference several weeks back Loolwa Khazzoom explained the driving force behind her new book, Consequence: Beyond Resisting Rape, this way: "I go up to men who harass me…
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Music, Teenage Fanclub

Teenage Fanclub

Glasgow's Teenage Fanclub is a textbook case of a band that fell victim to its own early brilliance, as well as the mercilessness of circumstance and fashion. In the early '90s TFC established itself as an indie rock icon, one…
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Arab Strap Philophobia (Matador) Aidan Moffat, the singer and songwriter of Glasgow duo Arab Strap, tells the stories of a troubled troubadour. But where other pop troubadours -- Donovan, Dylan, Nick Drake -- often sang outward, interpersonal songs about sunshine…
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Calendar, Halloween

Night Crawler

Corner Kicks It's Wednesday. 7:30 a.m. The Market Street crowds are deeply lodged in workaday muck. Battling rush-hour traffic with 16 ounces of hot caffeine wedged between their thighs, the commuters try to ignore the unusually warm early morning sun…
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Hear This

Yatsura Despite the Scotland residency, the Japanese name, and the American indie rock sound, Yatsura makes no bold leaps toward internationalism. In fact, the bubble gum fuzz-pop outfit from Glasgow sounds about as world-wise as the members of Pavement would…
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