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Music, Hear This Primal Scream: Show Preview

Primal Scream: Show Preview

Primal Scream might not be the U.K.'s best rock band, but it's certainly the country's most innovative. That's because of the group's willingness to augment its '70s-era rock 'n' roll with wildly divergent influences pulled from the '90s rave scene:…
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Calendar, Night&Day Stalking Christopher Walken

Stalking Christopher Walken

The 2012 S.F. Fringe Festival is kicking into gear, and no fewer than 29 of its 40 shows are playing today. This afternoon you can catch magician-storyteller Michael Belitsos’ solo show The Movies of My Mind, which includes a tasty…
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Music, All Shook Down R.I.P. John Barry: Appreciating the Composer's Widespread Legacy

R.I.P. John Barry: Appreciating the Composer's Widespread Legacy

British composer John Barry has died at age 77 of a heart attack, leaving behind three ex-wives and a widow, four Grammys, a few Oscars, an Order of the British Empire, and -- most importantly -- a wealth of lush,…
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Music, All Shook Down

The Top 6 Weirdest Actor Cameos in Music Videos

What did we do on Christmas after we'd eaten a mountain of food and watched a giant stack of movies? Looked for actors in music videos, of course! Here are six of the weirdest cameos big-name actors have made in…
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Calendar, Night&Day Walken with Rhythm

Walken with Rhythm

Voilà, a show that couldn't possibly be bad: All About Walken: The Impersonators of Christopher Walken. No way to mess that one up. YouTube commenters on the Walken-starring Fatboy Slim "Weapon of Choice" video describe him best: Walken "+ anything…
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Music, BeatBox Chow Nasty could blow the roof off an Animal House as easily as woo the sophisticates at, say, Mighty.

Chow Nasty could blow the roof off an Animal House as easily as woo the sophisticates at, say, Mighty.

You can learn a lot about a band by seeing how its members react when you spray beer on them. Rock 'n' roll used to be all about such activities, the same way screwball comedies of yore used to be…
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Best of San Francisco, Arts & Entertainment

Best Music Promoter

Will Linn Blasthaus, In this entertainment-saturated world, in which you have 500 choices for your amusement dollar every day, it helps to have someone to guide you. Someone who will be a consistent source of quality; someone who…
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Music, BeatBox


Who knew that Baja California would turn into a noteworthy hotbed of electronic music? Nortec Collective did, that's who. (Well, maybe it's not that surprising, seeing as how throngs of vulgar, underage Southern Californians who fancy Tijuana their private hedonistic…
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Music, Reviewed Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim

As much as you may hate to admit it, Fatboy Slim is a genius. From his own sampledelic songs to his slamming remixes, the British producer has an uncanny knack for making people sweat it on the dance floor. The…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

San Francisco's Numbers seems like a pretty unlikely candidate for a remix album. The trio -- drummer and main vocalist Indra Dunis, guitarist Dave Broekema, and keyboardist Eric Landmark -- plays the kind of raw, stop-and-start noise-rock that's anathema to…
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Music, Pop Philosophy

Ridin' the wheels of steel

Last week, my friends and I bought an audio mixer for a pal's birthday, which we presented to him at dinner. We made him open the gift while he was in the restaurant -- remember how much you hated that…
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Music, I Am the World Trade Center

I Am the World Trade Center

I Am the World Trade Center's debut is an odd duck -- a dance album that appeals to club kids and English teachers alike. Dance fiends can love Out of the Loop for its hyper pastiche of '80s electronica…
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Best of San Francisco, Shopping & Services

Best Place to Buy Embarrassing Albums

Let's say you want to purchase a CD that is generally considered to be less than hip -- Billy Joel's The Nylon Curtain, for instance. Or maybe you've just discovered Fatboy Slim, three years after the rest of your peers,…
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Music, Pop Philosophy

Pop Philosophy

Halfway between the turntable and the stage Recently there's been a lot of discussion about -- and derision of -- how "quiet is the new loud." Norwegian folk duo Kings of Convenience took the phrase for the title of their…
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Music, A League  of Its Own

A League of Its Own

Justice League owner Michael O'Connor is sitting down to a glass of hot cider at a local cafe when he receives the call he's been waiting for. "Did we get it?" he asks. "No? OK, well, thanks anyway." He hangs…
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The Beautiful South; Fatboy Slim

When the Housemartins disbanded in 1988 -- killing off what was, hands down, the finest Christian Marxist folk-funk-pop-soul protest band to come out of England ever -- its members took divergent (and very British) paths toward tweaking American R&B. For…
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Music, Record Various Artists

Various Artists

Various Artists Machine Soul: An Odyssey into Electronic Dance Music (Rhino) Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music (Ellipsis Arts) The early negative reviews of Rhino's Machine Soul -- which boil down to "been there, done that" -- have a…
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Music, Brothers From  Another Planet

Brothers From Another Planet

The guitar dudes and rocker chicks, the punks and the metalheads -- they hate the shit with a venom once saved for disco. And, actually, that's what a lot of them call it, nearly spitting the word: disco. Whether it's…
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Hear This

David Holmes The sounds that litter inner city streets are quickly filtered and forgotten by most urban dwellers, yet for Belgian-born DJ David Holmes this auditory refuse is worth its weight in wax. On Let's Get Killed Holmes collects city…
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