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Culture, Kill Your Television Watching Together: Gordon Ramsay Brings Us Together

Watching Together: Gordon Ramsay Brings Us Together

Gordon Ramsay sold his soul to the devil, and as penance he has been forced to name his shows things like Hell's Kitchen, Motel Hell, and Kitchen Nightmares. How else to explain this ex-soccer playing, loud mouthed Brit's dominion on…
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Film, It Doesn't Suck!

It Doesn't Suck!

The less that is said about the plot of the long-fabled, finally arrived Simpsons Movie the better; I know this instinctively, as a member of that particular segment of geekdom most psyched and apprehensive about its unveiling. I'm talking about…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish The Short Goodbye

The Short Goodbye

Arrested Development: Season Three (Fox) The final collection of Arrested Development discs feels sadly incomplete: only 13 episodes this time, the result of Fox's inability to attract viewers to one of TV's greatest comedies and the network's unwillingness to give…
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Home Entertainment, What Else Is New?

Our top DVD picks for the week of November 22.

AVP: Alien Vs. Predator -- Unrated Collector's Edition (Fox) Cheaper by the Dozen: Baker's Dozen Edition (Fox) 8MM 2 (Columbia/Tristar) Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Buena Vista) The Honeymooners (Paramount) Keane: Strangers (Interscope) King Kong (1976) (Paramount) King Kong: Collector's Edition…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Big Fun, Even Small

Big Fun, Even Small

Robots (Fox) The story of a small-town 'bot (voiced by Ewan McGregor) who bolts for the big city, Robots is the first non-Pixar film to compete with that studio's razzle and dazzle; the thing's stunning to look at. (And, frankly,…
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Calendar, Performance What a Dick

What a Dick

THURS-SUN 7/22-25 I hope for your sake that you were watching the Fox network in the fall of 1992, because if you were you no doubt caught a little blink-and-you've-missed-it program that was funnier than any TV sketch-comedy show before…
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Calendar, Night&Day And Now We Dance

And Now We Dance

In the last six years, Fox TV, terrorism, dot-bombs, and an economy rattled by foreign war and domestic uncertainty have wounded local ticket sales and jeopardized grant money and artists' studio spaces. But it'll take more than that to kill…
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Culture, Stuff That '60s Show

That '60s Show

This is a story with a happy ending, because, so far, nothing bad has happened to indicate otherwise. There are no ratings to sweat over, no network executives to fight with, no cancellations to suffer through. The rough territories lie…
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Culture, Stuff Fear Factor

Fear Factor

The biggest event to happen to television this year took place at the multiplex this summer: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a one-woman show that has blossomed into a one-woman franchise. This spring, CBS-TV will debut My Big Fat Greek…
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Culture, Stuff Richter's Scale

Richter's Scale

Andy Richter, the man who for seven years proved himself the rare late-night television sidekick worthy of being labeled equal partner, is not given to saying nasty things about people who sign his paychecks, a rarity in a business where…
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Culture, Stuff Flunk You

Flunk You

"Pray for us." So ends a note Judd Apatow sent out last week to television critics who have been supportive of his series Undeclared, among the few half-hour comedies to debut last fall with any modicum of acclaim and expectation.…
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Culture, Stuff Rescue 9/11

Rescue 9/11

Normally, these year-in-TV columns are a breezy, easy write--a plea for good shows buried somewhere in an embittered litany of bad ones. In recent years, it has felt as though the proliferation of channels and choices has given us only…
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Culture, Stuff Hell of a Long Day

Hell of a Long Day

There cannot be man, woman, child or beast alive who does not know that on November 6, Fox will debut its new series 24. Long before the fall season was to begin, it had already been appointed the most anticipated…
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Culture, Stuff Back to School

Back to School

Judd Apatow tries not to think of what became of Sam and Lindsay Weir, Neal Schweiber, Bill Haverchuck, Daniel Desario, Nick Andopolis and the other freaks and geeks Apatow knew back at McKinley High School. Those kids were his family,…
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Culture, Stuff Shoot Straight

Shoot Straight

Last thing first. At this very moment, Chris Carter sits behind his desk in the Ten Thirteen Production offices, on the 20th Century Fox lot in Studio City, California, finishing the final X-Files episode of this season. The show's creator…
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Culture, Stuff Blow Up the Box

Blow Up the Box

Thank God for old Jews with shaky hands and the inability to tell this word (G-O-R-E) from this one (B-U-C-H-A-N-A-N). Without them -- and Survivor Richard Hatch, that self-proclaimed "fat naked fag" who, as is turns out, is just a…
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Culture, Stuff School's Out

School's Out

A month ago, R.J. Cutler thought he found a home for his child, one that would coddle and nurture his baby until it was ready to stand on its own two legs without wobbling or falling. A month ago, it…
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Culture, Stuff Win, Lose, or Draw

Win, Lose, or Draw

Bryan Singer did not read comic books as a young boy, because he couldn't read them. As a kid, he was slightly dyslexic and, therefore, unable to follow the dialogue as it bubbled across panels and pages; quite simply, Singer…
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Culture, Stuff Geek Love

Geek Love

The voice-mail message begins with the caller identifying himself in a clear, sharp tone: "Hey, this is Chris Thompson, executive producer of Action and Ladies Man, and I hear you're trying to get a hold of me..." Long pause. "For…
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