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Music, Hear This Dawn Oberg: Show Preview

Dawn Oberg: Show Preview

Behold the pleasures of literate songwriting: In case it wasn't clear from the first song — entitled "The Girl Who Sleeps With Books"— S.F. raconteur Dawn Oberg's latest album, Rye, is full of the kind of telling details and rich…
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Calendar, Night&Day Zombie Mine

Zombie Mine

Did the season premiere of Walking Dead leave you with a craving? Not to worry. The fine folks of San Francisco Theater Pub have your back. Over the last couple years they’ve done an amazing job filling the theater week’s…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist <em>Bruja</em> at the Magic Theatre: A Contemporary, Bewitching Take on the Plight of Immigrants

Bruja at the Magic Theatre: A Contemporary, Bewitching Take on the Plight of Immigrants

Luis Alfaro and Loretta Greco have done it again. The playwright-director collaboration last triumphed at the Magic Theatre in 2010 with Oedipus el Rey, a taut, Will Glickman Award-winning drama that reimagined the Oedipus myth in a contemporary Hispanic…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Interview: <em>Bruja</em> Playwright Luis Alfaro on Assimilation, Teen Felons, and Witchery

Interview: Bruja Playwright Luis Alfaro on Assimilation, Teen Felons, and Witchery

Poet, playwright, community activist, and MacArthur fellow Luis Alfaro is no stranger to Greeking out. Bruja is his third in a series of plays adapted from Greek myths, the first two being Electricidad (Electra) and Oedipus El Rey (Oedipus…
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Calendar, Night&Day Ancient is the New Contemporary

Ancient is the New Contemporary

Playwright Luis Alfaro grew up in the Pico-Union district of Los Angeles and learned to find contemporary stories in ancient works. He does so again with Bruja, a reimagining of Euripides’ Medea set in the Mission District, with the young…
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Calendar, Night&Day To Helen Back

To Helen Back

Euripides, like many ancient Greeks, regarded passionate love as a form of insanity. So he might not seem like the most fitting playwright around whom to center your Valentine’s Day date. But his Helen, which gets a staged reading tonight by…
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Calendar, Night&Day You Say Hero, I Say Attention Whore

You Say Hero, I Say Attention Whore

There was a time when being a hero came with some moral clout. It was never a perfect setup — personal riches and any notion of “the quiet life” went right out the window. Once called to action, the hero…
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Calendar, Night&Day Women of DIVAfest

Women of DIVAfest

The murder ballad “The Wind and Rain” first appeared on a broadside during the mid-17th century with the title “The Twa Sisters.” Since then, there have been dozens of variations under many names, but the essence of the grisly tale…
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Calendar, Night&Day Ionic Breeze

Ionic Breeze

From dancers performing on cable cars to sculptors building Burning Man shrines in city parks, Bay Area artists have long produced their work in unorthodox settings. Outdoor theater productions are very much part of the local culture, and the SOMA-based…
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Culture, Stage Greek tragedy set in San Francisco! Who knew?

Greek tragedy set in San Francisco! Who knew?

I would never have guessed that Aurora Theatre's production of The Trojan Women takes place in San Francisco's Ferry Plaza if I hadn't come across an article in one of the dailies saying as much. The locale isn't mentioned in…
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Culture, Stagecap

Cassandra at Mission Creek

When I was a serious theater student in New York I did a lot of long exercises that involved rolling on the ground, bulging my eyes out, and summoning guttural shrieks from my core being. Perhaps this made me a…
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Calendar, Night&Day Myth and Mayhem

Myth and Mayhem

The two shows that make up Goat Hall Productions’ latest double-bill of one-act, mixed-media operas don’t appear to have much in common besides a shared interest in ancient Greek myth and a highly developed sense of the esoteric. Described by…
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Culture, Stage Medea,  the Opera

Medea, the Opera

The Shotgun Players' new production of Medea takes place in the huge, decaying UC Theatre, on a round stage built in front of the spot where the movie screen used to hang. An antique organ sits across from a wall…
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Culture, Stage Love and War

Love and War

Charles Mee's plays are so eclectic and cheerfully bizarre that they begin to blur together. Summertime was about falling in love; it featured rants by a murderous pizza-delivery boy as well as a bikini-clad mother who broke into songs about…
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Culture, Stage Wild Women

Wild Women

Not even Tarantino can match the Greeks for brutal gore. Homer, Sophocles, Euripides, and the rest have an almost lurid taste for showing mangled bodies, broken skulls, lanced-out eyes, and bloody spears. The difference is that Greek savagery is never…
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