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Film, "Not Fade Away": David Chase's Rock 'n' Roll Heart

"Not Fade Away": David Chase's Rock 'n' Roll Heart

Rock 'n' roll proves the coming-of-age crucible in Not Fade Away, Sopranos creator David Chase's semi-autobiographical feature debut of shaggy hair, shagadelic beauties, and the joy and sorrow wrought from chasing, and failing to achieve, one's dreams. Chase's tale of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Forks in the Road

Forks in the Road

Hardcore foodies know that it takes a lot of work keeping up on The Places to Be, The Dishes to Try, The Chefs to Follow, and The Next Big Cocktail. And now that the holidays are over, it will be…
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Calendar, Night&Day Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise

Eden, a portrait of an imploding marriage, is remarkable for every reason that counts in a good film: Its emotions are passionate and immediate, yet from the first frame we are trusted to understand, free of manipulation, exactly what this…
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Fighting Oxbow Singer Gets Props; Fat! So? Author Says Bouncer a 'Weight Bigot' in SF Weekly Letters

Mr. Feinstein Goes to China Spinning Blum's blunders: Regarding Matt Smith's column requesting a New Year's resolution he wanted from Dick Blum : Timing precluded a response sooner, but you have it now. Mr. Blum's pledge…
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Music, Brooklyn's Dynamite 18-Piece Disco Band Emulates the Muppets

Brooklyn's Dynamite 18-Piece Disco Band Emulates the Muppets

"If you wanna sex me, give it up," sings esteemed Muppets bandleader Dr. Teeth in a rare uncouth moment, a plume of smoke billowing behind him as he ribaldly bashes his keyboard. Members of his backing band, the Electric Mayhem,…
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Film, <i>Wristcutters: A Love Story</i> Follows Zombie Hipsters to the Afterlife

Wristcutters: A Love Story Follows Zombie Hipsters to the Afterlife

Wristcutters: A Love Story, a well-wrought indie written and directed by Goran Dukic, has to be the kewpie doll of current zombie flicks. Its walking dead are a bunch of attractive slackers whose wounds are largely internal. They've got attitude.…
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Calendar, Performance Crossing Over

Crossing Over

THURS-SUN 1/22-25 If you like dance, then you've heard about the Oakland Ballet. Probably read raves about the group, maybe even vowed to go see a show. Someday. Like when Yoshi's, the Alice Arts Center, and the rest of Oakland…
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Music, Fact or Friction

Fact or Friction

Here Are the Facts You Requested received its first piece of fan mail in 1991. The package -- a note and a blurry photograph of its author -- came from a cello-playing high-schooler named Akire Lessey, and though it was…
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Film, American Ply

American Ply

To put it mildly, it is uncomfortable and embarrassing to have one's cynical ass whipped by a huge, hulking Hallmark card, and this is exactly the sensation one takes away from Mimi Leder's Pay It Forward. Not that the near-total…
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News, Feature

Where do Bad Children Go?

Eugene was nearly 18, and headed for up to six years hard time at "gladiator school," also known as the California Youth Authority, after stomping in a police car windshield. Less severe alternatives seemed to have been exhausted by the…
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