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Music, All Shook Down This Week: The Excrement of Morrissey, the Slurs of Azealia Banks and the Clay Head of Lionel Ritchie

This Week: The Excrement of Morrissey, the Slurs of Azealia Banks and the Clay Head of Lionel Ritchie

Romance is the overarching theme of the week, with Nicki Minaj opening up about her relationship with Meek Mill, Ryan Adams pouring his heart into 1989, and even Jimmy Fallon and Lionel Ritchie having a touching moment. But it's…
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Film, "Boyhood": The Neverending Story, Told Quietly

"Boyhood": The Neverending Story, Told Quietly

In Richard Linklater's marvelous new film, a Texas schoolboy, played by Ellar Coltrane, grows up right before our eyes. He's 18 when the movie ends, and it transparently took a dozen years to make. Where does the time go? Maybe…
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Calendar, Night&Day Independent Boyhood

Independent Boyhood

The San Francisco International Film Festival has been with Richard Linklater from the beginning. When Slacker screened in 1991, its triumph — from a former oil-rig worker in Texas, no less — heralded a new era for independent film.…
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Film, "Before Midnight": Married, With Beauty

"Before Midnight": Married, With Beauty

Ever notice how when someone mentions that they've been married for a decade or more, the general reaction is not, "Well, of course you're still together, because marriage is a sacred covenant with God which no man may put asunder,"…
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Film, "Sinister": A Creepy-Crawly Horror Show

"Sinister": A Creepy-Crawly Horror Show

In a neat bit of poaching, Sinister uses a premise borrowed from anti-horror pundits — the idea that some images can't be unseen once seen, are poison without antidote — as the basis of a proficient, rattling horror story. Ellison…
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Film, "Woman in the Fifth": Ethan Hawke Gets Weird in Paris

"Woman in the Fifth": Ethan Hawke Gets Weird in Paris

The first film from émigré director Pawel Pawlikowski since 2004's dreamy My Summer of Love, this thoroughly odd and brooding psycho-puzzle trains in on Ethan Hawke's displaced American writer-academic, arrived in Paris to see his ex-wife and young daughter despite…
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Film, A sleepy follow-up to <i>Training Day</i>, <i>Brooklyn's Finest</i>  cops out

A sleepy follow-up to Training Day, Brooklyn's Finest cops out

All that remains of Antoine Fuqua's Training Day is Denzel Washington's Oscar-winning performance, his baddest and best. The rest of the movie? A blustering stumble toward parody — an overwrought, operatic buddy-cop flip-flop also starring Ethan Hawke as the rookie…
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Film, Unlucky <i>13</i>

Unlucky 13

Assault on Precinct 13, the sluggish remake of John Carpenter's grungy 1976 movie of the same name, begins with a bang to which it never lives up. In a smoky den of all manner of iniquity, Ethan Hawke's trying to…
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Film, Until the Night

Until the Night

"Memory is a wonderful thing, if you don't have to deal with the past," declares French Celine (Julie Delpy) to her erstwhile American one-night stand Jesse (Ethan Hawke) in Before Sunset, the meandering but reasonably charming follow-up to the duo's…
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Film, Bad Cop,  Bad Cop

Bad Cop, Bad Cop

This may be a strange time to release a thriller about the dangers of corrupt law enforcement, but Training Day -- with no explosions, no cheap thrills, no international conspiracies -- is about as distant from current East Coast realities…
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Film, Reel World

Reel World

Something Wild"What interests me is the idea of self-repair," Chuck & Buck director Miguel Arteta confides during a San Francisco stopover. "I like movies about damaged goods, about people who don't have the skills to deal with life but are…
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Film, By His Own Creed

By His Own Creed

Holy moly! Yet another version of Hamlet? Will they never stop? Ah well, at least Michael Almereyda's new adaptation is one of those really different takes on the venerable play. While the last two widely seen versions -- the 1990…
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Film, White Out <font size=-2>Online Exclusive</font>

White Out Online Exclusive

Of the readers who bought four million copies, in no fewer than thirty languages, of David Guterson's 1995 bestseller Snow Falling on Cedars, many have been looking forward to the movie version. Others have been dreading it. For better or…
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Luv Story

To paraphrase Dwight Okita, a poet I'm fond of, an artist's greatest responsibility is to constantly diversify, branch out, and evolve. But now that we're in the latter half of the '90s, I wonder if this decade is going to…
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