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Film, "The Unknown Known": Errol Morris V. Donald Rumsfeld

"The Unknown Known": Errol Morris V. Donald Rumsfeld

At the end of his fascinating new documentary The Unknown Known, director Errol Morris asks his subject a question the audience has long been wondering: "Why are you talking to me?" And his subject, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld,…
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Film, "Hank: Five Years from the Brink": Our Economic Cassandra Finally Gets Heard

"Hank: Five Years from the Brink": Our Economic Cassandra Finally Gets Heard

"Complexity is not a good thing in finance." This is one of the more ironic lines from the former Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson, the interviewed subject of Joe Berlinger's riveting documentary Hank: Five Years from the Brink. Though…
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Film, "Informant": Tales of a Tea Party Sweetheart

"Informant": Tales of a Tea Party Sweetheart

Former radical activist and current Tea Party hero Brandon Darby is the kind of divisive figure that may seem heroic to those who admire testosterone-poisoned alpha males, but seems like an insufferable nozzle to the rest of us. Both sides…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist

How Hollywood Movies Led to Genocide: The Act of Killing at the Toronto Film Festival

Film critic Karina Longworth is reporting from the Toronto International Film Festival this week. The best, most daring and form-defying documentaries in the world right now are being funded by the Danish Film Institute, and so it goes that the…
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Film, "The Imposter": Exhuming the Truth in a Real-Life Thriller

"The Imposter": Exhuming the Truth in a Real-Life Thriller

This deft, atmospheric Errol Morris-style tour through the phenomenon that is "serial imposter" Frédéric Bourdin homes in on one brief episode from the man's berserk career: the period in 1997 when the 23-year-old Frenchman convinced a Texas family he was…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Errol Morris Talks About <em>Tabloid</em> and the Joyce McKinney 'Mormon Sex-in-Chains' Case

Errol Morris Talks About Tabloid and the Joyce McKinney 'Mormon Sex-in-Chains' Case

Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris (Standard Operating Procedure, The Fog of War) has a new film called Tabloid, a fascinating, bizarre roller-coaster ride of paranoia, crime, sex, gutter journalism -- and dog cloning. Tabloid, which opened Friday and is currently…
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Film, "Tabloid": Errol Morris Doc Covers UK Media Freak Show

"Tabloid": Errol Morris Doc Covers UK Media Freak Show

As a documentarian, Errol Morris is less a humanist than a connoisseur of "human interest," and Tabloid, his ecstatically received and queasily entertaining new movie, is not so much a return to form as a reminder of his ongoing fascination…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Win a Signed One-Sheet from Errol Morris's New Documentary <i>Tabloid</i>

Win a Signed One-Sheet from Errol Morris's New Documentary Tabloid

Any time legendary Errol Morris puts out a new film, we're happy. His groundbreaking muckraking in The Thin Blue Line, his deeply quirky, deeply moving interweavings of obsession in Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control, or the simple humanization of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Dear Future: What Were We Thinking?

Dear Future: What Were We Thinking?

Danish artist Michael Madsen’s Into Eternity documents what amounts to an antimonument to negativity. Admirably forward-thinking, if undeniably quixotic, Finland’s government has undertaken the task of digging a hole in which to bury nuclear waste deep in the Earth. Located…
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Calendar, Night&Day <i>Collapse</i>


Chris Smith’s one-man doc on veteran doomsayer Michael C. Ruppert holds less interest as another sky-is-falling dispatch than as the filmmaker’s return to warts-and-all portraiture after 2008’s well-received fiction feature The Pool. Ten years ago, Smith's arthouse-circuit hit American Movie…
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Film, Get Out of Jail Free

Get Out of Jail Free

It's been 20 years since Errol Morris made The Thin Blue Line, a found "noir" that served to free an innocent man convicted of murder. Gathering evidence and dramatizing testimony, Morris' movie circled a single, unrepresentable event — the death…
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Film, Entertain Your Brain

Entertain Your Brain

Brassbound skeptics may see the complex, provocative docudrama What the #$*! Do We Know!?, which poses the Big Questions of Life, as just another product of New Age self-absorption, an act of pompous navel-gazing that might best be confined to…
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Film, Zoom Lens Zoom Lens

Zoom Lens

True independent film -- not the middle-of-the-road Indiewood crap but transgressive, taboo-busting movies inspired by John Waters, George A. Romero, and Errol Morris -- has always sprung from youth culture. Hence the obsessions with horror, sex, and music (with a…
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Film, Ordinary People

Ordinary People

On film, group sex tends to be the stuff of Russ Meyer flicks: A straight-laced fella runs into a harem of pneumatic women, the hot-tub jets fire up, some bad psychedelic music kicks in, and away we go. Reality, of…
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Film, Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols

Thirty years ago, a cultural sea change allegedly took place in America. It was dubbed the Sexual Revolution. To read about it at the time was to learn about hippies, dope, utopian communes, and a whole variety of sexual experimentation.…
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Film, Dead Head

Dead Head

Calling the subject matter of Errol Morris' latest documentary, Mr. Death, "unpleasant" is like referring to the lavatory on a tuna boat as "lightly scented." The director who brought us the zany Americana of Fast, Cheap & Out of Control…
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Second Time Around

High School Every year for the past 30, it seems, documentarian Fred Wiseman has flung another deceptively shapeless film profile of one major institution or another onto the PBS screen, where it has stuck like taffy for three hours one…
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