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Culture, Art Travel Vista: The Most Important Moment of the Immigrant Experience is Captured in the Mission

Travel Vista: The Most Important Moment of the Immigrant Experience is Captured in the Mission

As he walks down a street on his long journey to the United States, a man carries a bag that contains his most important possessions. He holds hands with a young woman, around his same age, whom he's leaving behind.…
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News, The Snitch International Warfare In San Francisco

International Warfare In San Francisco

Last week we wrote about a strange, albeit international, incident in the south of the city. A menacing group of hoodlums surrounded a stumbling drunk and asked him his country of origin. Not liking the answer, the leader of the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Which Is Witch

Which Is Witch

We humans are a screwy lot. We use our differences to bitch and bicker and fight and throw tea party rallies at each other when the truth is we all come from the same metaphysical soup. Whether we hail from…
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News, Food on the Run

Food on the Run

Eddy Marquez had been in business for two hours on the corner of 23rd and Mission, and the wad of worn bills in his pocket was growing at a steady $3-at-a-time clip. On the grill before him sizzled another batch…
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Dining, Eat Sanctuary for Salvadoran Food

Sanctuary for Salvadoran Food

It's one of the finer flavor combinations available in today's flooded market. A ball of fresh cornmeal dough is stuffed with soft cheese, shredded pork, refried beans, or some combination of the above, then flattened into a thick disc. (Sometimes…
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Calendar, Night&Day In Defense of Creepy Crawlies

In Defense of Creepy Crawlies

Giant bugs always get a bad rap. From the unwieldy, pop-eyed ants of Them! to the billboard-sized tarantula of Earth vs. the Spider ("It must eat you to live!"), creepy crawlies of the enormous variety are typecast as disemboweling, prickly…
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News, The Snitch Fruits of War film this Sunday at Parkway Theater

Fruits of War film this Sunday at Parkway Theater

We hear it’s been about five years since local filmmaker Josiah Hooper and The Rake Productions set out to tell the stories of members of Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13) and 18th Street gangs after they were deported from the…
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Dining, Eat Weighty Matter

Weighty Matter

It's no great secret that these are tough times in the restaurant business. I personally find it all a bit disheartening, since I never like to see any restaurant close (unless, of course, it's bad). On a brighter note, the…
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Calendar, Halloween

REAL ASTROLOGY For an Unreal World

Aries (March 21-April 19): When I'm not doing astrology, I sporadically ply a career as a rock singer and performance artist. Wacky rituals are my specialty. I've staged money-burning rituals. I've conducted Eucharist ceremonies in which audience members enjoy a…
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