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Music, All Shook Down Earworm Weekly: Eddie Murphy's Brief Foray into Pop with "Party All The Time"

Earworm Weekly: Eddie Murphy's Brief Foray into Pop with "Party All The Time"

Remember the first time Eddie Murphy decided he wanted to be a pop singer? I, for one, will never forget it. It was 1985. Murphy paired up with Rick James to produce “Party All The Time,” the first single…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist David Spade is Quite Interesting

David Spade is Quite Interesting

In today's age of overhyped celebrities with new creative projects, apps and selfies that you simply must check out, it's refreshing when a true comedic talent like David Spade exercises a little humility in titling his memoir David Spade is…
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Music, All Shook Down

Zach Galifianakis' Best Musical Comedy Moments

The worlds of comedy and music have always been intertwined -- which is why there's a musical guest on SNL, why comedians so frequently show up in music videos, why Sam Kinison was always surrounded by hair metallers, and probably…
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Calendar, Night&Day Bringing Down da "Great House"

Bringing Down da "Great House"

People react to turning 30 in different ways -- denial, regression, despair. Cobb’s Comedy Club enters its 30-year anniversary like a witless divorcee chucking aside convention for a year-long exploration on training wheels. The anniversary conquests lined up fall into…
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Calendar, Night&Day Trading Places

Trading Places

Charles Quinton Murphy (better known as Charlie Murphy) is the older brother of Eddie Murphy. But unlike his sibling, whose stratospheric rise to megacelebrity began as a teenager on Saturday Night Live, he didn’t really come into his own true…
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Calendar, Night&Day Oh, Brother

Oh, Brother

If you’re anything other than an obsessed Eddie Murphy fan (Anyone? Anyone?), you may not have known about his brother, Charlie Murphy, until he appeared in the wildly popular and mercilessly quoted “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories” on Chappelle’s Show.…
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Calendar, Night&Day

The Hustler

Following up his viciously funny HBO special, Pimp Chronicles, Katt Williams releases American Hustle on DVD on November 20, a hybrid of madcap fictional road trip (à la the Vacation franchise) and live stand-up comedy performances. "If Jimi Hendrix was…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Sagebrush & Spaghetti

Sagebrush & Spaghetti

The Sergio Leone Anthology (MGM) Sergio Leone made westerns like Wagner made ditties. This essential boxed set -- four films with four discs of supplemental material, much of it scholarly and insightful -- shows the Italian director supplanting the elegiac…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Hand It to Him

Hand It to Him

The Science of Sleep (Warner Bros.) Feature films are to video directors what sitcoms are to stand-up comedians, and for every David Fincher and Seinfeld, there are dozens of artists who should have stayed in the field they know best.…
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Music, Misc. Reviews

Misc. Reviews

You know what's so great about high school? The free time. You can sit around all day, popping zits, talking about which girls have the biggest hooters, imagining what it would be like if Axel F had fallen in love…
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Film, You So Lazy

You So Lazy

Martin Lawrence has never exactly been among the world's more gifted comedians, yet his movies seem to keep raking in the cash, so there must be legions of loyal Lawrenceheads out there somewhere. But even they, who have made financial…
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Film, <i>Heaven</i> Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait

Maybe you're one of the many who went to see Hero and were blown away. The historical Chinese setting, the attention to detail, the fights -- who could blame you? There's a better-than-average chance you may be thinking to yourself…
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Film, Nice Pussy

Nice Pussy

The first few minutes of Shrek 2 are cluttered with more references to the movies than David Thomson's thick, rich history text The New Biographical Dictionary of Film. Watching it is like sitting next to an ADD patient with access…
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Calendar, Night&Day Saturday Night Jive

Saturday Night Jive

I was once convinced that Eddie Murphy was the new Richard Pryor. I didn't have much basis for my reasoning; I was an eighth-grader whose principal exposure to the art of stand-up comedy was a handful of well-worn, frequently swapped…
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Film, Under Ogre

Under Ogre

Kids might well be amused by the frenetic pacing of Shrek, the latest computer-animated film from DreamWorks, which moves so quickly it's nearly a blur, though they need not get the jokes to enjoy frolicking in the muck (and the…
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To Prison, To Prison

Life Directed by Ted Demme, from a script by Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone. Starring Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Obba Babatunde, and Bokeem Woodbine. Opens Friday, April 16, at area theaters. Imagine, if you will, one of Bob Hope and…
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This Tomboy's Life

Mulan Directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook. Written by Rita Hsiao, Christopher Sanders, Philip Lazebnik, Raymond Singer, and Eugenia Bostwick-Singer. With the voices of Ming-Na Wen, Harvey Fierstein, and Eddie Murphy. Opens Friday, June 19, at area theaters. It's…
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Klump, Gump, and Chump

Eddie Murphy and I did part of our growing up in the same hometown: Roosevelt, Long Island, N.Y. The one time I met Murphy -- in 1982, while he was filming his first movie, 48 HRS., on an L.A. street…
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