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Culture, Art Kill Your Television: Served Whole

Kill Your Television: Served Whole

I remember that first moment when I finally grasped the profundity of Jim Varney's "Ernest" character: I, you, and the collective "we" are Vern. Whenever he said, "KnowwhatImeanVern?" he was talking to me/you/we. I was Vern, man! Ergo I had…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist How Facebook Can Make Your Life a Romantic Comedy

How Facebook Can Make Your Life a Romantic Comedy

Fucking Facebook. I have two FB friends who have really similar names and long black hair and who post a lot about work. One of them I'm close with -- we'll call her Jenny Smith. The other I worked with…
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Film, "Big Miracle": Saving the Whales Doesn't Save Any Laughs

"Big Miracle": Saving the Whales Doesn't Save Any Laughs

Starring everyone who wasn't in New Year's Eve—and larded with just as many bromides—Big Miracle is inspired by the true story of the end-of-the-Cold War effort to free three gray whales trapped by ice in northern Alaska. In October 1988,…
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Calendar, Night&Day I'm Gonna Deance for Ya Nao

I'm Gonna Deance for Ya Nao

We probably shouldn't even be encouraging this kind of obsessive behavior. And yet, here goes: Jeffrey Johnson is drag-re-creating Little Edie's 1978 cabaret act. If you don't know what that means, please, spare yourself and don't read any farther, because…
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Calendar, Night&Day Skate and Destroy

Skate and Destroy

Alex Cohen and Jennifer Barbee’s Down and Derby: The Insider’s Guide to Roller Derby chronicles the sport’s transformation from kitschy historical footnote to the hobby of choice among bad-ass tattooed babes. Even though roller derby isn’t quite as ascendant as…
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Music, Bouncer

Cheese puffs and sexual pokes

I've walked into the Monk's Kettle multiple times, looked around at the wall-to-wall people, and decided on other, less packed venues. But last week some friends and I decided to put our names in the hat and ford the hour-long…
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Film, Get Gertie

Get Gertie

You will be forgiven for believing Brian Herzlinger is something of a creepy guy. Certainly, at first (and 23rd) glance, the man seems to be covered in the icky residue of the stunted, the pathetic, and the desperate, which makes…
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Calendar, Night&Day Was Lost, But Now I'm Found

Was Lost, But Now I'm Found

To quote Drew Barrymore, "I love Found!" Drew and I both adore the unpredictable and often optimistic window into human nature provided by Davy Rothbart's Found magazine and recent book. We share a deep appreciation for the words of wisdom,…
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Film, Reel World

Before the Revolution

The day the Academy Award nominations were announced happened to coincide with the first session of Sam Green's video production class at the University of San Francisco. Did the co-director of The Weather Underground casually mention that he was in…
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Film, Fallen <i>Angels</i>

Fallen Angels

As the Columbia Pictures logo looms large in the frame till its torch becomes the focal point, we find ourselves in what appears to be a tent full of sweaty medieval warriors forging axes, and have to wonder: Did they…
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Culture, Stuff Skip It

Skip It

Tamra Davis is bound by contract not to discuss the film that, at this very moment, she's editing for release next year. "I'm officially not supposed to do any press for it," the director says sheepishly, so she offers a…
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Film, Farrah  to Poor

Farrah to Poor

The opening credits of Charlie's Angels hint at a movie that never appears in the film's expurgated 94 minutes; the tease is too soon rendered a disappointment. A Mission: Impossible-style prelude suggests a live-action cartoon as directed by Robert Altman;…
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Film, Green Light

Green Light

Given that most film studios have multimillion-dollar marketing budgets with which to target 18- to 25-year-olds, it's astonishing how little they seem to know about the everyday life of those they're supposed to be studying. Drew Barrymore has never been…
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Dining, Eat

Side Dish

Gone Fishing Rumpus is still closed due to water damage resulting from a fire in its building -- but the popular bistro will be reopening soon with a party. (I just love a party.) Meanwhile, City of Paris on Geary…
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True Drew, Edgy Go

Never Been Kissed Directed by Raja Gosnell. Written by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein. Executive produced by Drew Barrymore. Starring Barrymore, David Arquette, Michael Vartan, Molly Shannon, and Garry Marshall. Opens Friday, April 9, at the AMC1000 Van Ness and…
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Second Time Around

On Dangerous Ground / In a Lonely Place Contemporary neo-noirs usually feature butter-soft young actors (John Cusack, Drew Barrymore) posing their way through film-school exercises in lighting and color, mouthing disillusionment. Real men and women, sinewy and with some mileage…
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