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Not Made for TV Serious drama may appeal to a teen's dark side: No matter how darkly they portray the perpetrators on the proposed miniseries , someone out there is thinking, "I can do…
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Calendar, Night&Day Belgian Angst

Belgian Angst

The best movie we’ve seen about teen angst since Donnie Darko comes from Belgium? Ben X is also the best film about a bullied teen with Asperger’s Syndrome that we’ve seen from any country, and its blurred life-into-videogame fantasy sequences…
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Film, FilmCap

The Life Before Her Eyes

Riddled with high concept, this florid adaptation of Laura Kasischke's 2002 novel is a horror picture of sorts that plays off a Columbine-style high-school shooting from the victims' point of view. For all I know, the author, who's also a…
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Culture, Stage Bang Bang, Game Over

Bang Bang, Game Over

Whenever a school shooting occurs in the U.S., which it does with alarming frequency, the videogame industry often becomes a target for outrage and blame. News headlines surrounding the Virginia Tech shootings made much of gunman Cho Seung-Hui's passion for…
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Home Entertainment, Game On School Daze

School Daze

By now, you've probably heard about Bully. It's the game that was supposed to finally ruin America's youth. Crusading lawyer Jack Thompson, the self-appointed schoolmarm of the videogame industry, called it a "Columbine simulator" and tried to block stores from…
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Film, No Way Out

No Way Out

Once you get past its negligible plot, scant dialogue, and almost zero action, Gus Van Sant's elliptical rendering of the final hours in the troubled life of a grunge musician is rarely boring. That may seem like a backhanded compliment,…
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Film, Multiplying by <i>Zero</i>

Multiplying by Zero

The setting: an institutional high school in the affluent suburbs. The protagonists: two boys – intelligent, charming, and smoldering – with typical suburban lives, including intact families and plenty of spending money. The plot: carnage. Assembling pipe bombs from ingredients…
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Film, <i>Elephant</i>, Man

Elephant, Man

The spooky beauty of Elephant, Gus Van Sant's strange take on the Columbine massacre, arises not from the shock of sudden violence but from the filmmaker's steady gaze at the numbing routines of life inside a suburban high school. With…
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Film, <i>Columbine</i> Harvester

Columbine Harvester

If you're a fan of the baseball cap- wearin', Nader-votin', muckrakin', best-sellin', corporation-confrontin' son of a gun known as Michael Moore, all you need to know about his latest film, Bowling for Columbine, is that it's more of the same…
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Music, Hear This Mumble & Peg

Mumble & Peg

Mumble & Peg's new album, All My Waking Moments in a Jar, changes moods like a smoked-out, pint-bleary manic-depressive on a pre-dawn caffeine high. As the title suggests, there's a somewhat claustrophobic, pressure-cooker edge to this recording -- the East…
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News, South to the Future

South to the Future

October 20, 1999 AUSTIN, Texas -- In the wake of the Littleton, Colo., massacre at Columbine High, schools around the country are rushing to beef up security on campus. In addition to metal detectors, armed guards, and anger-management workshops, some…
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Calendar, Halloween

Savage Love

I'm in dire need of help. Me and my friend are both 15, girls, and bi. We're bored with "traditional" masturbating. We've tried porno (which is great, but it only took me so far), random objects, even each other! Then…
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Get Me Outta Here

Desert Blue Written and directed by Morgan J. Freeman. Starring Brendan Sexton III, Kate Hudson, Christina Ricci, and John Heard. Opens Friday, June 18, at the Lumiere. For Morgan J. Freeman (a young writer/director, not the heralded actor), comic timing…
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Culture, Stage


Brady Street Redux? The Brady Street Dance Center, widely acknowledged as San Francisco's liveliest venue for low-budget dance performance, has lain relatively dormant since a bitter dispute erupted this spring among its principals. Now comes news that the venue's lease…
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