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Calendar, Night&Day Sex and the City by the Bay

Sex and the City by the Bay

Still reeling from the stiletto-sized hole in your heart since The Golden Girls Christmas Episodes closed for the season? Us too. But you can wipe the glitter-encrusted tears from your eyes, because Trannyshack is back with drag renditions of the…
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Film, "Hysteria": A Tedious Slog Through the Vibrator's History

"Hysteria": A Tedious Slog Through the Vibrator's History

The origin story of a beloved bedroom gadget, Hysteria, set in London in the 1880s, proceeds as a tedious, clumsy diddle, constantly reminding viewers how much progress has been made since the Victorian era. "You may be unaware, but there…
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Film, "Elles": French Film Compares Housewives and Prostitutes

"Elles": French Film Compares Housewives and Prostitutes

As she prepares for a dinner party and fields rude dismissals from her two spoiled sons, journalist Anne (Juliette Binoche) thinks back on her probing interviews for a just-filed French Elle profile of two student-prostitutes who cater to a rich…
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Calendar, Night&Day Serge, Mon Amour

Serge, Mon Amour

For a man who lived his adult life in public view — on stage, in the newspapers, in numerous sultry music videos, and on countless talk shows — Serge Gainsbourg remained a charming, chain-smoking enigma. To most of his French…
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Calendar, Night&Day Ivory Hunters

Ivory Hunters

As calling cards go, Charlotte Lagarde’s Heart of the Sea couldn’t have been better. When Lagarde and fellow Bay Area filmmaker Carrie Lozano (Reporter Zero) pitched the idea of a verité documentary to pianist Fred Hersch, the acclaimed New York…
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Film, "Tiny Furniture": Lena Dunham satirizes New York's bourgeois bohemia

"Tiny Furniture": Lena Dunham satirizes New York's bourgeois bohemia

Winner of last spring's SXSW festival and current indie darling, Lena Dunham's Tiny Furniture is a comedy of youthful confusion that gets its kick not only for evoking a world of unromantic hookups, casual BJs, and iPhone porn, but for…
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Film, Whitewash: Disney's <i>The Princess and the Frog</i> can't seem to escape the ghetto

Whitewash: Disney's The Princess and the Frog can't seem to escape the ghetto

Six decades after unleashing persistent NAACP bugaboo Song of the South (1946), and two after firmly suppressing it, that peculiar cultural institution known as the Walt Disney Company has made a symbolic reparation by creating its first African-American princess —…
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Culture, Stage <i>The</i> <i>K</i> <i>of</i> <i>D</i> is pure magic

The K of D is pure magic

When Loretta Greco announced her plan to launch her inaugural season as artistic director of the Magic Theatre with The K of D: An Urban Legend, I was slightly baffled. Not only did the play demand the services of just…
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Film, Cheap Sex

Cheap Sex

Oh, please — spoiler alert? Fine, I won't tell you whether Carrie Bradshaw ties the knot with Mr. Big, even though you've already seen that gown winging its way around the Web. Given the Sex and the City vibe, some…
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Home Entertainment, Game On Whip Smart

Whip Smart

It's been 20 years since the first Castlevania bewitched gamers with its gothic horror. Twenty years of vampire hunters going fist to fang with Lord Dracula. With almost two dozen titles in the series, Castlevania is one of the most…
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Culture, Stage Cross-Dressed to Kill

Cross-Dressed to Kill

The Bette Davis vehicle Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte was widely panned when it appeared on movie screens in December 1964. Conceived as a sequel to the schlock hit What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, which starred Davis and Joan Crawford, Charlotte…
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Calendar, Performance Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web

ONGOING 6/8-8/31 With an over-the-top story line about a batty spinster slowly decaying in her antebellum mansion, the 1964 Bette Davis film Hush ... Hush Sweet Charlotte was ripe for a drag queen sendup. And with the original's train-wreck scenes…
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Film, What Ever Happened to Lady Jane?

What Ever Happened to Lady Jane?

Jane Fonda comes from a good Hollywood family and used to be a pretty fair actress herself. Klute, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, and Coming Home were three of the better films of their time. So, after getting a look…
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Culture, Stage The Real Fling

The Real Fling

René Augesen walks on as a London blonde in jeans and a trendy green coat, boots and a scarf, looking dangerously excited. "I'm in the mood to push it," she says to her lover Henry, after his wife and her…
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Music, BeatBox


On Saturdays, the Stud brings you "Sugar," a too-hot, too-gay dance club catering to too-fine males who -- oh, Jesus Christ, who the fuck cares? You wait in line, you take off your shirt, you down a sugar-free Red Bull,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Spies in the House of Love

Spies in the House of Love

San Francisco has long been a place where both visitors and locals feel free to push sexual boundaries. From the miners who found female companionship in the scores of Barbary Coast brothels to today's crop of outspoken gender-fluid outlaws, our…
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Culture, Stage

Kinsey Sicks: Oy Vey in a Manger

The Kinsey Sicks' first holiday show joins the campy ranks of The Hard Nut, Christmas With the Crawfords, and A Karen Carpenter Christmas, and it's a brilliant, raunchy gem. (For those virgins out there, the Kinsey Sicks, "America's Favorite Dragapella…
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Music, Pop Philosophy

Ugly Is the New Beautiful:

The kids are alright, and so is everyone else On New Year's Eve, my friend Tim declared 2003 the year of "Fuck, yeah" (as opposed to last year, which felt a lot like "Oh, fuck -- no!"). Of course, he…
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Best of San Francisco, Arts & Entertainment

Best Nonprofessional Reading Series

People in the dance-music community tend to be a boisterous lot. They like to drink, they like to snort, they like to get in all sorts of trouble staying up past dawn. Thanks to the "Bored Collective," you can hear…
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Best of San Francisco, Arts & Entertainment

Three Best Ways to Dance Away a Beautiful Sunday

Dancing outside on Sundays may have begun as a continuation of Saturday evening's revelry, but that's not the only way to enjoy these popular weekend parties. It might be an even better idea to show up freshly showered and well-rested,…
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