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Film, "Beautiful Creatures": Tastier Than "Twilight"

"Beautiful Creatures": Tastier Than "Twilight"

This must be a great time to be an author of supernatural young adult novels, particularly if your books have been around long enough for the film adaptations to fill the post-Twilight void. This is not to say that writer-director…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Dirty Old Literature by Dirty Old Men

Dirty Old Literature by Dirty Old Men

We're not afraid to admit it: If that lonely lurker drinking straight whiskey with no ice out of a plastic cup at the back of the bar wrote a book, we would totally stay up all night reading it (bonus…
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Calendar, Night&Day Anti-Hero-Worship


Bukowskiology wasn’t taken seriously for a while. But then it started seeming like a tenure-track discipline. Still, the proper Bukowskiologist maintains an ambivalent relationship with his subject. (Bukowskiologists tend to be male, perhaps from karmic reciprocity for the subject’s literarily…
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Calendar, Night&Day Getting a Head

Getting a Head

Narrator wakes up hungover. Narrator starts drinking. Narrator writes something brilliant. Narrator finds someone to fuck. Narrator finds someone to fight. Narrator drinks more. Narrator passes out. Love him or hate him, the late Charles Bukowski rarely strayed from this…
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Music, Bouncer Dirty Thieves put a spell on you

Dirty Thieves put a spell on you

There are some bars you walk into hoping for a glass of wine and tapas. There are other bars you walk into hoping for a beer and a blow job. And then there are the bars you walk into because…
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Music, Bouncer

Zen and the Art of Nose Maintenance

I've recently been reading a lot about Zen Buddhism, a subject I'd avoided for most of my life. Asian religious thought seemed like such a Berkeley thing to research; those of us who reject organized religion but want to think…
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Calendar, Night&Day O’Horten


The premise of this gentle existential farce from Norwegian director Bent Hamer is little more than an excuse for a series of deadpan vignettes about love, death, and the meaning of life. Forced into age-mandated retirement, longtime train engineer Odd…
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Music, Hear This The Doe Duet

The Doe Duet

Singer-songwriter and actor John Doe is, of course, a founding member of X, one of the first punk bands to explicitly embrace American roots music. As a solo artist, his sinewy heartland rock combines the worried-man soul of Merle Haggard…
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News, Feature SFIFF Film Capsules

SFIFF Film Capsules

All About Love (Hong Kong, 2005) Fans of Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau can weep hot tears and swoon to their hearts' delight in this magic-filled fantasy of the ideal husband. Lau plays dual roles as an ambitious doctor and…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

A veteran songwriter, storyteller, and consummate folk artist, Tom Russell exalts the holy excesses and fallen heroes of a lost era when freight-hopping, strip joints, and all-night benders seemed like romantic rebellion from bourgeois complacency. Russell's 18th album, Hotwater, subtitled…
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Summer Film Previews

Bukowski: Born Into This STARRING: Charles Bukowski, Bono, Sean Penn, Barbet Schroeder DIRECTOR: John Dullaghan PREMISE: From the official press release: "The name Bukowski is as synonymous with fighting and fucking as it is with poetry and prose ... John…
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Film, Scars and Bars

Scars and Bars

"Whadyawant, motherfuck?" They're the first words Charles Bukowski speaks in John Dullaghan's documentary about the poet and novelist, famous for his writing and infamous for his drinking and brawling and screwing. The audience member, either the acolyte or just the…
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Calendar, Night&Day She's Back

She's Back

Free speech icon and performance artist Karen Finley knows how to make an impression. The last time I saw the San Francisco Art Institute alumna (in her one-woman show Shut Up and Love Me), she was naked, covered in honey,…
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News, Feature The Return of the Bastard Angel

The Return of the Bastard Angel

On Oct. 23, a dozen members of ACT UP S.F. burst into the Sixth Street offices of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Chanting slogans into bullhorns, the assailants scattered fliers, knocked over filing cabinets and baskets of condoms, hurled books…
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Music, House of Tudor The House of Tudor

The House of Tudor

To say Flogging Molly is unprecedented would be a lie. Rabid devotees of the Pogues will find the band joyfully derivative, as Flogging Molly's insatiable combination of Irish reels and punk rock bombast helps relieve the pang caused by Shane…
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News, Bay View Chronicle of a Theft Foretold

Chronicle of a Theft Foretold

Let's say you still need to finish your Christmas shopping, but you're pretty much broke. You're so strapped for cash that you're actually thinking of doing a little shopping with the five-finger discount. Maybe a simple gift, something like a…
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Oh, Silver Deities!

Few pop-culture developments have been so inevitable as a book of poetry by Jewel, rock music's reigning queen of dime-store spirituality. A ripe tomato of a woman and a rotten apple of a songwriter, Jewel emerged from a SoCal coffeehouse…
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Dog Bites

Cat Bites You can't walk past a telephone pole in Noe Valley these days without coming upon a missing-cat notice. All kinds of cats, apparently, are gone -- so much so that the signs are referring to each other, as…
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