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News, Sucka Free City Afflicted: STD Rates Are Rising, but No One Knows Why

Afflicted: STD Rates Are Rising, but No One Knows Why

While HIV is experiencing downward trends — due to improved prevention, testing, and treatment — the San Francisco Department of Public Health is struggling against alarming increases in transmission of other sexually transmitted diseases, especially syphilis. Susan Philip, director of…
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News, Matt Smith

Avoiding Auto Versus Pedestrian Crashes Could Save Taxpayers Cash

On Monday, April 11, a speeding motorist blew through a red light at Masonic Avenue on Grove Street. The car slammed into a jogger in the crosswalk, breaking her leg, and came to a stop only by slamming into an…
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Calendar, Night&Day <i>Sex Positive</i>

Sex Positive

First-time filmmaker Daryl Wein wasn’t even born when AIDS was first recognized by the CDC in 1981, but his documentary on Richard Berkowitz, one of the initial advocates of safe sex, does a good job of capturing (though, dizzyingly, not…
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News, The Snitch Keep Those Nasty Bits Squeaky Clean: USA300 Wants You!

Keep Those Nasty Bits Squeaky Clean: USA300 Wants You!

It's an oddly patriotic-sounding name for this frightening new flesh-eating, drug-resistant staph strain making headlines this week: USA300. Who names this shit? Anyway, it's on a rampage, especially among gay men in several major U.S. cities -- including San…
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News, Matt Smith Vicious Cycle

Vicious Cycle

David Evans, the slight, soft-spoken program director of the Castro's Stop AIDS Project, and the group's publicist, Shana Krochmal, share a couch in Evans' closet-size office, reflecting upon their bizarre season of stardom. There were the calls from Big Media,…
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Dining, Social Grace

You Make Me Sick

Dear Social Grace, How can I tell ailing co-workers to cover their mouths when they cough? For months, a poor fellow near me (yes, we are in cubicles) has been coughing. Now, as you might expect, but not expectorate, another…
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News, Matt Smith Staying Alive

Staying Alive

At 7:30 a.m. last Wednesday, a day after a roundtable about HIV among Native Americans, and a few hours before a discussion of spirituality and HIV, Don Francis sat on a stage at last week's HIV/AIDS Update Conference at Civic…
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News, Dog Bites

Dog Bites

What Did You Sing in the War, Daddy? The folk song "We Shall Overcome" has been enjoying a bit of a revival since Sept. 11; it's been played everywhere from memorial services to NFL games to NBC Nightly News, sung…
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News, South to the Future

South to the Future

November 10, 1999 ATLANTA -- Marketers are calling it Generation XL. According to a report issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control last week, the number of obese Americans rose nearly 50 percent between 1991 and 1998 to 17.9…
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News, Letters


Hepatitis Youth Outreach While much effort on the part of Lisa Davis ("Viral Combat," March 11) has been spent deconstructing the multimillion-dollar wrangle between Chiron and the CDC, those of us working on the ground in the fight against hepatitis…
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The Straight Poop

Touring the razed homeless camps in Golden Gate Park after the SFPD's crackdown on illegal encampments, Mayor Frank Jordan uncovered a dirty little secret: Homeless people shit in the woods. Jordan was vague about the import of his discovery, but…
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News, Feature

Getting Hep

W endy Marx -- wild-haired, hazel-eyed, high-spirited, independent -- was not the type to feel droopy. It was 1989, and she was 22, a recent graduate of Duke University, a new employee at a marketing firm, a transplanted New Yorker…
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