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Film, "What to Expect When You're Expecting": Humanity's Horror

"What to Expect When You're Expecting": Humanity's Horror

Heidi Murkoff's mega-bestselling manual, What to Expect When You're Expecting, actually makes perfect sense as a vehicle for a contemporary Hollywood ensemble comedy. For an industry banked on bathroom humor, what could be more suitable than this vomit-, piss-, fart-,…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist The 84th Academy Awards: a Timeline

The 84th Academy Awards: a Timeline

People plan parties around this stuff, so we assume you probably watched too. But just in case you didn't, here's a timeline of the 84th Academy Awards ceremony. They make it this long just to mess with us all,…
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Film, "Bad Teacher": Unfunny Comedy Shows Women Can Be Terrible, Too

"Bad Teacher": Unfunny Comedy Shows Women Can Be Terrible, Too

From Tad Friend's New Yorker profile of Anna Faris (which reblogged under the headline "Hollywood Insiders Admit Hollywood Hates Women") to the glass-ceiling-shattering pressure assigned to Bridesmaids (which has thus far outgrossed every previous Judd Apatow project since Knocked…
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Music, All Shook Down

Did Cameron Diaz Buy Weed From Snoop Dogg in High School?

So Cameron Diaz was recently on the George Lopez Show (and has he always sounded like that?), where she discussed Cuban food, driving a Prius, identity theft, and all that good stuff. But she also recalled her days as a…
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Film, <i>My Sister's Keeper</i> is honest about illness but false about everything else

My Sister's Keeper is honest about illness but false about everything else

Eleven-year-old Anna Fitzgerald's parents didn't just plan for her — they customized her in utero, with the specific end of providing spare parts and infusions for her leukemia-sick older sister, Kate. From a 2004 Jodi Picoult best-seller, My Sister's Keeper…
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Film, Woman's Glib

Woman's Glib

From its wink-wink, nudge-nudge movie-within-a-movie opening through to its bold-faced quoting of such classic Hollywood farces as The Lady Eve and His Girl Friday, Nancy Meyers' The Holiday wants us to know that it's different from the kind of rom-com…
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Film, Goy Gevalt

Goy Gevalt

Director Curtis Hanson, a journeyman only recently bestowed the title of Great Director, has already made his horror movie (1973's The Arousers), his kiddie action comedy (1980's The Little Dragons), his teen sex romp (1983's Losin' It), his handful of…
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Film, <i>Deuce</i> Is Wild

Deuce Is Wild

The Aristocrats may be the foulest-mouthed movie of the summer, but Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo is the foulest in deed, actually depicting some of the nigh-unspeakable acts that are merely hypothetically talked about in the former film. It's been a…
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Film, Nice Pussy

Nice Pussy

The first few minutes of Shrek 2 are cluttered with more references to the movies than David Thomson's thick, rich history text The New Biographical Dictionary of Film. Watching it is like sitting next to an ADD patient with access…
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Film, Under Ogre

Under Ogre

Kids might well be amused by the frenetic pacing of Shrek, the latest computer-animated film from DreamWorks, which moves so quickly it's nearly a blur, though they need not get the jokes to enjoy frolicking in the muck (and the…
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Film, Finding Faith

Finding Faith

There is an eerie sense of familiarity wafting through The Invisible Circus, a pervasive whiff of déjà vu which intensifies with each passing minute. Regardless of whether one has read the novel of the same name by Jennifer Egan, it's…
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