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Dining, Eat Top 5 Best Breakfast Sandwiches in San Francisco

Top 5 Best Breakfast Sandwiches in San Francisco

If you want to get technical about it, any sandwich consumed first thing in the morning is a "breakfast sandwich," but we know what you're really after as you roll groggily out of bed: oozing, melted cheese, fluffy scrambled or…
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Cruel Summer: Further Excerpts from a 1993 Diary

What follows are actual entries from a tiny, mysterious diary discovered at the Goodwill at 822 Geary by former SF Weekly Copy Editor Vicky Walker. When last we checked in with our mysterious diarist ("Remembrance of Things Dreary," Feb. 15),…
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Remembrance of Things Dreary: Welcome Back to 1993

What follows are actual entries from a tiny, mysterious 1993 diary discovered at the Goodwill at 822 Geary by former SF Weekly Copy Editor Vicky Walker. As the year opens, our anonymous diarist is splitting time between San Francisco and…
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Law & Disorder: "The Examiner" Punches Crooks in the Junk

Anything Police Say Is True Enough to Put in a Headline, Police Say A trio of brutish broads punted puppy after puppy on Sunday morning in Bernal Heights, police said, so we put it in the paper. Police also…
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Music, Bouncer Tickle Me, Lil Thuggie

Tickle Me, Lil Thuggie

When you're a kid, you keep hearing the refrain, "Just be yourself!" But this can be puzzling, especially if you have no idea who you are. And what if you don't like yourself? Are you supposed to be that person?…
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Calendar, Resolution Guide

The Year of Living the Fantasy

As the New Year dawns, urban dwellers in San Francisco once again experience the familiar pressure for self-improvement that seems to lurk around every corner in January. You can see him lurking, that pressure for self-improvement, right outside Burger King…
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Home Entertainment, Game On Mercury Meltdown Revolution Gets Wii Users all Wet

Mercury Meltdown Revolution Gets Wii Users all Wet

It must’ve been a scorching summer day when the game developer stared at his thermometer and realized, “Sweet sassy molassey, this would make a helluva game!” How else to explain the existence of the quirky puzzle series Mercury Meltdown? Debuting…
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Film, Slugfest


We are in the middle of a B-movie renaissance, if you haven't noticed. For years now, the politics of the multiplex have forced films to be either big-budget, Burger King-cup blockbusters or tiny "indie" projects about college-educated Caucasians with emotional…
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Music, Reviewed Danger Doom

Danger Doom

The rap equivalent of a Lord of the Rings commemorative glass from Burger King, The Mouse and the Mask is the groundbreaking collaboration among rapper M.F. Doom, producer Danger Mouse, and ... a television channel, the Cartoon Network. Whether such…
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Best of San Francisco, Food & Drink

Best New Bar

Madrone Lounge 500 Divisadero (at Fell), 241-0202, While it may seem like San Francisco needs a new bar as much as a canary needs a cat, the mid-Haight/Western Addition neighborhood is surprisingly lacking in decent watering holes. Thankfully,…
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Dining, Eat Meat and Potatoes

Meat and Potatoes

After hearing me rave about my meal at C&L, a well-meaning friend inquired if I was sure that it was, as I called it, "the best little steakhouse in San Francisco." "I always hear good things about Izzy's," she said,…
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Music, Reviewed New Found Glory

New Found Glory

Near the Earth's core there exists a subterranean conference room, replete with comfy leather chairs, chilled carafes of water, and delicately perfumed air. Recent meetings there have resulted in low-rise jeans, Wal-Mart's underwriting of NPR, and Jimmy Kimmel. In the…
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Best of San Francisco, Arts & Entertainment

Best Underground Loft Party

For those lucky few in the know, this late-night loft party begins at 2 a.m. and goes until the wee hours of afternoon. Unlike most loft parties here in the city, this isn't located in SOMA or Potrero Hill but…
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Calendar, Halloween

Savage Love

Hey, Faggot: My girlfriend of 2 1/2 years recently started smoking. I've always been very upfront with her about what a huge turn-off this habit is, but she keeps right on puffing. It's yellowed her teeth, her breath stinks, and…
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REAL ASTROLOGY For an Unreal World

For All the Signs: Need an excuse to party? You couldn't find a better one than this week's supercharged cosmic event: the equinox. For this brief period, the sun appears to be balanced directly over the equator, and the light…
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