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Culture, The Exhibitionist The Spider-Man Films Rated by Whininess

The Spider-Man Films Rated by Whininess

According to Spider-Man movies, the greatest triumph that Spider-Man ever achieves is finding it within himself to arachnid up every day. Has any other hero ever moped so much about being gifted with superstrength, -agility, and -love interests? This…
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Calendar, Night&Day Death Comes Alive

Death Comes Alive

Do you like blood? No, do you really like blood? San Francisco-based theater troupe The Primitive Screwheads do, and they're ready to spew it all over the theater and the audience in ShEvil Dead. We have reason to believe it's…
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Film, Film Feature Playing with Himself

Playing with Himself

Fandom is a tricky thing for Bruce Campbell. He's been referred to as a "man-god" by Ain't-It-Cool-News' Harry Knowles, able to fill the halls at Comic-Con based on his iconic role as the slapstick, deadpan hero Ash in Sam Raimi's…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Elvis Is Everywhere

Elvis Is Everywhere

Bubba Ho-tep Limited Edition (MGM) Intentional camp is difficult to do well. It's a contradiction that usually comes off cutesy and forced. The old Batman series pulled it off, and it's been B-movie god Bruce Campbell's livelihood. But in a…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Way Out of Sync

Way Out of Sync

Edison Force (Sony) Gritty cop stuff must write itself -- just make sure everyone's tough, corrupt, and talking like they stole Mickey Spillane's thesaurus. Then cast Justin Timberlake. Screech! Employing the talented (at music) popster as a crusading journalist isn't…
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Film, Store Wars

Store Wars

When one goes to see a movie titled El Crimen Perfecto (literal translation: The Perfect Crime), it might seem unlikely that the title of this Spanish film has been altered for American audiences. But it has -- in Spain, the…
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Calendar, Night&Day

This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

Wednesday, June 8, 2005 Most memoirs, when they're not revealing embarrassing details about enemies and exes, are an avalanche of nostalgic Leave It to Beaver moments. But when Simon Doonan looked back on his journey from working-class British lad to…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Cut It Out

Cut It Out

SAT 9/25 We've had friends who were completely stencil-mad. They kept special clothes (dark, covered with paint) and distinctive cases for their creations, their heads full of new ideas for ever sharper designs. They layered cutout over cutout, made fancy…
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Music, House of Tudor House Of Tudor

House Of Tudor

Bruce Campbell's role as co- producer and star of the cult classic Evil Dead makes him a living legend. While he could've just lived on his laurels, Campbell is a "working" actor, a blue-collar thespian who doesn't turn down jobs…
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Culture, Stuff Chin Up

Chin Up

By his own definition, Bruce Campbell is a "midgrade, kind of hammy actor"--a B-movie star, in other words, a man whose career unfolds, like a Swedish porn loop, on Cinemax in the wee small hours of the morning. When I…
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