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Music, Riptide: Making Sandy's First Album Nearly Dragged Alexi Glickman Under

Riptide: Making Sandy's First Album Nearly Dragged Alexi Glickman Under

Alexi Glickman always looked down on nonstandard ways of tuning the guitar, seeing them as a kind of cheating. But sometime around 2010, Glickman needed all the help he could get. His band the Botticellis, composed of many longtime friends,…
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Music, Hear This Show Preview: Christian Fennesz

Show Preview: Christian Fennesz

Austrian experimental musician Christian Fennesz is the Jimi Hendrix of digitally treated guitars, a master whose instrumental compositions marry faint, glitchy frequencies with harmonic waves that hum, buzz, and swirl. A compositional cousin of Beach Boy Brian Wilson and Brit…
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Music, Wavves' addictive surf-punk makes it king of the beach

Wavves' addictive surf-punk makes it king of the beach

The youth of today might have trouble wrapping their minds around this, but in the not-so-distant past it was simply not done to listen to your parents' records. (Yes, the gap betwixt generations was once much bigger.) But that was…
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Music, What Devo can teach us about the death of the album

What Devo can teach us about the death of the album

Vinyl is an unusually stunted medium. It hasn't grown much beyond Brian Wilson's quaint ambition nearly 45 years ago to record an entire LP — the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds — without clunkers. In 2009, with CD sales plummeting and…
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Music, Lost albums that should remain lost

Lost albums that should remain lost

While Guns N' Roses devotees greeted Chinese Democracy's release with euphoria on Nov. 23, the mood away from party central was bittersweet. After all, it's the end of an era — rock history's most spectacular lost album is now readily…
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Music, Hear This Midnight Sunshine

Midnight Sunshine

After Brian Wilson's notorious 30-year lost weekend, few could have expected this decade to be so triumphant for him. But after the successes of his Pet Sounds tours and his 2004 Smile album, Wilson is poised to release his first…
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Calendar, Night&Day "I'm Still Kicking Ass"

"I'm Still Kicking Ass"

She's the only singer ever to be backed by all four Beatles. The Rolling Stones opened for her. Most of the Ramones and most of the Beach Boys were obsessed with her. Brian Wilson wrote songs for her. It's hard…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

Over the course of recording 30 albums, Daniel Johnston has been compared to Brian Wilson and has provided inspiration to artists like Kurt Cobain and Yo La Tengo. And yet his songwriting understandably hasn't always been the focal point of…
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Music, Reviewed Morning Benders

Morning Benders

The painting on the Morning Benders' new Boarded Doors EP shows a boy sitting on a fallen tree, looking down at a fragment of a city. Above the buildings a smoggy glow fades into a sky with the band's name…
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Culture, Art Mad Styles

Mad Styles

"Me, Myself & Eye" purports to be a "3 person show" featuring the work of Andrew Brandou, Dale Andrews, and Howdy Pardner. If the punning title doesn't raise your suspicions, then maybe the slightly formulaic names of the last two…
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Music, Reviewed Kelley Stoltz

Kelley Stoltz

If there was ever a record guaranteed to get a four-star review in MOJO it was Kelley Stoltz's Antique Glow. That 2001 LP showcased the San Francisco resident's love of British music, drawing influence from the strutting post-punk of Echo…
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Brian Wilson, Reconstructed

Everybody's trying to get a smile out of Brian Wilson. He's nearing the end of a photo session, sitting on a stool in the spacious, cluttered garage of his Los Angeles home, and his face is like iron. The photographer…
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Riff Raff

Who Loves Lucy? Last Friday night, master taste-maker Seymour Stein was seen feasting lavishly at Yuet Lee, and it wasn't just because he has a penchant for Bay Area seafood (though he did stay for nearly three hours). Stein, who…
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Hear This

The Olivia Tremor Control Debuting with a solid triple record has about as much chance for success as Brett Easton Ellis might have had writing "The Waste Land." Which is another way of saying that the Olivia Tremor Control's Music…
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Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks Orange Crate Art (Warner Bros.) In his recent Beach Boys biography, The Nearest Faraway Place, Timothy White notes that the "unmanly" aspects of Brian Wilson's falsetto singing were "one of the biggest 'hangups' of…
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News, Feature


What do you do if you find your Holy Grail and the public thinks it's just another bowling trophy? In the latest development in one of the longest-running sagas in rock-and-roll history, the folks at Capitol Records are resurrecting Brian…
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