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Film, "A Coffee in Berlin": A Jarmuschian Jaunt Through the City

"A Coffee in Berlin": A Jarmuschian Jaunt Through the City

Jan-Ole Gerster's film cleaned up at the German Academy Awards under the title Oh Boy; here it's going by A Coffee in Berlin and maybe relatedly being billed as Jarmuschian — which is to say eccentric, meandering, shot in black…
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Music, Hear This King Khan & the Shrines: Show Preview

King Khan & the Shrines: Show Preview

With membership in multiple hell-raising bands, outlandish press photographs aplenty, a daring, off-kilter stage presence, and statements like "When I tour, I'm neither homosexual or heterosexual — I'm hobo-sexual" to his name, King Khan is one of the true characters…
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Calendar, Night&Day Against Eight

Against Eight

An organization called NerdWallet recently issued a report on the nation's most LGBT-friendly cities, in which San Francisco shockingly did not land the top spot. But never fear, we're still in the top ten, thanks to long-standing institutions like…
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Film, "Generation War (Part 1 and Part 2)": The Germans of WWII Had Feelings, Too

"Generation War (Part 1 and Part 2)": The Germans of WWII Had Feelings, Too

Is it asking too much to release a four-and-a-half-hour film about Nazi war guilt in U.S. theaters in 2014? Originally a hugely popular TV miniseries in Germany, where it was called Our Mothers, Our Fathers, director Philipp Kadelbach's epic plays…
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Film, "Love and Demons": Giving Voice to Temptation

"Love and Demons": Giving Voice to Temptation

Love and Demons We live in a beautiful city, and it provides an appropriately lovely backdrop for J.P. Allen's bracingly dark comedy Love and Demons, a film whose ideas and performances overcome its extremely limited budget. A nameless man (Chris…
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Calendar, Night&Day Test Tube Ballet

Test Tube Ballet

Choreographer Jess Curtis, winner of an Isadora Duncan Dance Award, has been making dances in the Bay Area and Europe for nearly 30 years and wants to know how dance makes you feel. Does it make you sweat? Does…
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Culture, Know Your Street Art Untitled: 1007 Market St.

Untitled: 1007 Market St.

Untitled: 1007 Market St. The Brazilian street artists who call themselves OSGÊMEOS, which means "The Twins" in Portuguese, are real-life identical twins who have an affinity for scaling tall buildings and drawing distinctive figures with yellow faces. Global capitals including…
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Music, Sizzle & Fizzle Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows From the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows From the Last Week in S.F. Music

sizzle You know what's awesome? Underground parties. Especially ones thrown by the aces behind As You Like It, who packed Berlin DJ Prosumer and a mishmash of house bros and trenchcoated trend-surfers into a cement environs for a less-than-legal party…
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Film, "Le Joli Mai": France Takes a Break From War

"Le Joli Mai": France Takes a Break From War

Le Joli Mai French filmmaker Chris Marker and his cinematographer Pierre Lhomme are co-credited as directors of the 1963 documentary Le Joli Mai, and while Lhomme surely deserves that credit, it's no less a Marker film. The picture is a…
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Music, Hear This Peaches: Show Preview

Peaches: Show Preview

In 2000, Merrill Beth Nisker opened her debut album as Peaches with some mischievously vivid filth: "Sucking on my titties like you wanted me, calling me all the time like Blondie." Those are the first lines on The Teaches of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Really exploring the space

Really exploring the space

San Francisco native and composer Lisa Bielawa has taken site-specific performance to another level. The arias in her collaboration with the world-renowned soprano Susan Narucki, Chance Encounter, were written from snippets of conversation overheard in public. The entrance times…
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Calendar, Night&Day Sing, Sip, and slap

Sing, Sip, and slap

Musical chairs, ping-pong, and a karaoke DJ walk into a theater together — no, it’s not the setup for a bad joke — it’s the hilarious event concept from American Tripps, Singin’ and Pingin’. A semi-regular occurrence, tonight’s Pingin’ will…
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Calendar, Night&Day Urban Redesign

Urban Redesign

During the height of the crack epidemic, people had all kinds of spooky hypotheses about sneakers dangling over phone lines: They marked drug corners, gang turf, or recent murder scenes. Really, kids have been slinging shoes since the intersection of…
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Culture, Art "Lebbeus Woods: Architect": Celebrating the Defiant Prophet

"Lebbeus Woods: Architect": Celebrating the Defiant Prophet

For a man obsessed with visions of the future, it seems both appropriate and strangely sad that Lebbeus Woods will miss the culmination of his work in SFMOMA's new exhibit, "Lebbeus Woods: Architect." Like his infamous art, Woods' life was…
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Calendar, Night&Day Don’t Tell Mama

Don’t Tell Mama

Short on narrative but rich in imagery and portent, Cabaret-Berlin: The Wild Scene, weaves together original photographs, paintings, home movies, news clippings, documentary footage, and audio archives into an impressionistic collage representing the Weimar Kabarett. While today Bertolt Brecht and…
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Calendar, Night&Day A Comedy Mecca

A Comedy Mecca

For lovers of laughter, the next few weeks (Jan. 24-Feb. 10) will be an orgy of hilarity filling every crevice of this city, from prestigious museums to dingy video store basements. Inventive and inspired, the 12th annual Sketchfest offers everything…
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Music, Hear This Thomas Gold: Show Preview

Thomas Gold: Show Preview

Berlin producer/DJ Thomas Gold makes and plays the type of tunes that make club light techs feel like they earned their paychecks. Gold's selections — an assortment of original productions, bootleg edits, and mashups — are a style of build/climax/breakdown/climax…
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Calendar, Night&Day Paddle Up, Y'all

Paddle Up, Y'all

You've probably played ping pong, the miniature version of tennis once seen only in frat houses and summer camps, but has since found its appropraite place in the limelight, with help from Forrest Gump and the Olympics. But with Berlin-style…
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Calendar, Night&Day Inch by Inch

Inch by Inch

Hedwig, of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, doesn’t typically place others’ whims above her own, even if those others are her audience. But last summer’s sold-out Boxcar Theatre production of the glam rock musical forced the petulant but witheringly witty…
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Culture, Books Travel Channeling: December Books Search for the Self

Travel Channeling: December Books Search for the Self

It's not an insult to the work of Swiss novelist/memoirist/archaeologist Annemarie Schwarzenbach that readers, in the decades since her death in 1942, have found her writing not quite as interesting as her life. After growing up in Zurich dominated by…
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