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Dining, SFoodie Urinating Mannequins and Belgian Beer at Bel, in Bernal Heights

Urinating Mannequins and Belgian Beer at Bel, in Bernal Heights

“I've always cooked with whatever's on hand,” said Rick Rosen. And at his new Bernal Heights restaurant, Bel, that would be beer. Bel is all about Belgian beer, and Belgian-style beer from California. There's beer from Germany, too, and…
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Dining, SFoodie 21st Amendment Hosts Belgian Beer School

21st Amendment Hosts Belgian Beer School

Class is in session next Tuesday, Nov. 11th, when 21st Amendment hosts a Belgian Beer School in conjunction with Dave McLean of Magnolia Brewing. The evening event is built around a beer and food pairing designed to give guests…
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News, Sucka Free City A Small World Cup, After All: A Tinier Version of World Cup Fever

A Small World Cup, After All: A Tinier Version of World Cup Fever

The ongoing World Cup has united legions of soccer fans in bars, public squares, or gathered around an iPad on the park bench — a scene both high-tech and straight out of Norman Rockwell. A small coterie of fans of…
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Dining, Eat

Wafflemania Hits San Francisco

Handheld waffles are big business in Belgium, and they're reaching critical mass in San Francisco. Recently, news broke that Anthony Myint of Mission Chinese, Commonwealth, and Mission Bowling Club, is teaming up with coffee roaster Andrew Barnett (formerly of Ecco,…
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Dining, Eat Drink 2013: The Only Constant in S.F. Nightlife is Change

Drink 2013: The Only Constant in S.F. Nightlife is Change

Once you've got a few years of drinking in bars and clubs under your belt, you think you know the rules. But even things as established as booze and nightlife can sometimes take weird and unexpected turns — a theme…
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Dining, Eat Drink 2013: Sour Beer Gets Its Due

Drink 2013: Sour Beer Gets Its Due

When people consider the qualities of the beer in their glass, patterns tend to emerge. Citrusy hop aromas leap from a mug of IPA. Notes of banana and clove permeate a German hefeweizen. Traces of dark chocolate and coffee weave…
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Music, BeatBox 2Many Raves

2Many Raves

Ghent, Belgium's Soulwax is a group helmed by brothers David and Stephen Dewaele, who channel a heavy, rave-influenced techno sound into their rock band. They've documented an international tour of their hedonistic live performances for a new DVD, Part of…
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Dining, Eat High Time in Low Country

High Time in Low Country

It's not entirely surprising that in a third-millennium universe of easily derailed attention spans and quickly consumed info-nibbles, the ancient cuisine of Belgium, jewel of the North Sea, should be reduced to beer, fries, and mayonnaise. While this may be…
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Dining, Eat What Comes Between

What Comes Between

Happy is the city that boasts not only classy high-end restaurants and a variety of ethnic eateries, but also places that devote their full attention to simple dishes they execute with passion. Sandwiches can be dull, or they can inspire…
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Music, Reviewed Zap Mama

Zap Mama

In the nearly two decades since Congo-born and Belgium-raised Marie Daulne founded Zap Mama, her vision of one-world music has evolved from esoteric extreme to exotic mainstream. Her sixth album, Supermoon, is the latest full-band Zap Mama recording to distance…
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Calendar, Night&Day Bike Rodeo Clowns

Bike Rodeo Clowns

A tall bike is a thing of beauty. Entirely unsuited to cross-town travel, the homemade monsters, in which a second (and sometimes third and fourth) bike frame is attached to the first, also have the noble quality of giving unseated…
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Culture, Stage Creepy Brilliance

Creepy Brilliance

It would be nice to say that I couldn't care less about Anglo-Irish playwright Martin McDonagh's defection to Hollywood. But that would be a lie. It's true that I wasn't all that bothered when I first heard that the author…
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Film, Belgian Waffling

Belgian Waffling

Amid brutal competition from A History of Violence, Cache (Hidden), and Last Days, the top prize at last year's Cannes Film Festival went to L'Enfant (The Child), a Belgian drama about a 20-year-old hustler who sells his infant son like…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

In the 1930s, Belgium-born Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt wowed Parisian cafe crowds with a sassy, soulful, unprecedented approach to jazz that combined lyrical melodies, hip-shaking rhythms, and jaw-dropping solos. Seventy years later his music lives on in the white-hot six-string…
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Best of San Francisco, Food & Drink

Best Chocolate Orgasm

Can you say multiple orgasm? Angelina Rumpelmayer hot chocolate is made from a century-old French family recipe that's incredibly rich but only slightly sweet (72 percent cocoa). You will have to pay for such elegance, however -- 26 bucks for…
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Dining, Eat Frjtz


The first thing I ate on my first trip to Europe was a big platter of Belgian frites. I had just disembarked from a freighter in Antwerp after 12 days of sea-tossed dining, and after breaking in my Eurailpass on…
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Best of San Francisco, Food & Drink

Best French Fries

French fried potatoes come in every size, shape, consistency, and flavor (in Belgium they fry them in rendered kidney lard to unexpectedly tasty effect), but only a few attain that slender, crunchy, salty nirvana that can inspire equal measures of…
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Best of San Francisco, Food & Drink

Best Place to Find a Latvian Liqueur

When you need just the right wine, beer, aperitif, or liqueur to complement your authentic ethnic feast, head on down to this whimsical, impressively stocked emporium of high spirits. There are acres of well-organized vino, of course, but the fun…
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Best of San Francisco, Shopping & Services

Best Childhood Nostalgia-Themed Gift Shop

It would be easy to walk by this small storefront across from the Grand Hyatt, but once inside, one is astonished at the number, variety, and originality of the items. The store's primary focus is books, toys, and other product…
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Calendar, Night&Day Electro-Porn


Belgium's techno sex-vangelists Lords of Acid have been creating havoc ever since their first single, "I Sit on Acid," hit the streets in 1988. Sure, they've aged a bit, but the group's latest potty offering, Expand Your Head -- a…
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