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Calendar, Night&Day The Round City of Peace

The Round City of Peace

Most San Franciscans would recognize the phrase "Baghdad by the Bay" as one of the city's many nicknames. What they might not know, especially in today's war-torn political climate, is why Herb Caen made the phrase popular in the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Silence Is Golden

Silence Is Golden

During the winter, San Francisco has it easier than a lot of other cities. Our mild climate keep us from freezing to death, and the season offers some of the year’s best (indoor) festivals and cultural events. Hot on the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Liquid History

Liquid History

That drink in your hand — a lemon drop, a blue blazer, maybe a slippery nipple — where do you think it came from? Chances are, it was invented in San Francisco. You might not realize it, but many parts…
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Calendar, Night&Day Sending A Message Back

Sending A Message Back

Nobody wants to say who did it. But someone bombed Baghdad's centuries-old literary district back in '07, killing 30 people as they sat among the book stalls and cafes, drinking tea and smoking. Nobody wants to be caught reading much…
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Calendar, Night&Day Baghdad by the Bay

Baghdad by the Bay

With all the emphasis placed on political relations between the “Arab world” and the United States, there isn’t enough emphasis put on the kaleidoscopic landscape of Arab art and music. To the rescue: the Arab Cultural Festival. A showcase of…
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Music, Reviewed Eminem


Having fought a prescription pill addiction and mourned his murdered friend Proof, Eminem has chosen to use his new album as his therapy. Whereas he played his last work, Encore, largely for laughs, Relapse is an often-shocking plunder of the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Like a Kitten With A Ball of Yarn

Like a Kitten With A Ball of Yarn

Dashing New York City impresario and partyboy Earl Dax has been living two lives: One at home and one here. His Tingel Tangel Club variety show has been responsible for a serious bleedover of talent from the Big Apple to…
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Culture, Stage Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings

Mary Zimmerman created The Arabian Nights in 1992 in the shadow of the first Gulf War. Seeing a recurring theme in the cycle of hidden treasure whose unearthing brings great wealth but ultimate disaster, the director — as she has…
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Calendar, Night&Day Making Waves

Making Waves

Pirate Cat Radio must be the most visible underground radio station in the country. Transmitting unlicensed from its bright, shiny corner cafe in the Mission, the studio is observable to all who pass by, and cheeky DJs entice their audiences…
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Calendar, Night&Day Cho Girl

Cho Girl

Only a city like ours could have spawned as big and vibrant a personality as Margaret Cho. The outspoken comedian, queer activist, and now political blogger (for CNN and the Huffington Post) was born and raised in Baghdad by the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Hungarian Rhapsody

Hungarian Rhapsody

Miklos Rozsa had Old World values, a benefit of being born and raised in the waning years of the Old World. As a conservatory student in Budapest between the wars, he was destined to compose great symphonies. Writing music for…
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Calendar, Night&Day Holiday in Baghdad

Holiday in Baghdad

Adel Abidin's travel agency installation "Abidin Travels" is gruesome, sarcastic, and pretty funny. The artist, a Baghdad native, lives in Helsinki now. Imagine writing, of your hometown: "All the beautiful places that you might have read about have either been…
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Music, All Shook Down Sandow Birk in SF: 'The Depravities of War' Goes Up at Catharine Clark

Sandow Birk in SF: 'The Depravities of War' Goes Up at Catharine Clark

Photos and Words by David Downs Santa Monica artist Sandow Birk first came to our attention through his updated version of Dante's Inferno -- vividly set and illustrated in Los Angeles. That was 2003. Birk's back with the "Depravities…
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News, Sucka Free City Scoring Tips

Scoring Tips

When singles who mingle get turned down playing the pick-up game, they often overlook the chance to further the connection already established tableside — just think about that hottie at the Baghdad Café who took your order and your heart.…
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Film, Reps Etc.

Repertory Film Listings

Commentary by Gregg Rickman ( Times compiled from information available Tuesday; it's always advisable to call for confirmation. Price given is standard adult admission; discounts often apply for students, seniors, and members. For additional Reps Etc. listings, go to…
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Film, War Is Beautiful

War Is Beautiful

Haven't the people of Iraq suffered enough? Nearly four years of destruction, torture, and chaos; a monumentally botched occupation and reconstruction; and now a new indignity: serving as collective straight man to spasmodic Italian actor-director Roberto Benigni in his bafflingly…
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News, Sucka Free City

Hot Shots

"It's like living in a war zone," Scott Rick said on the phone. "It's like I live in Baghdad!" The war zone in question was Park Merced, and I couldn't have been more psyched: I've always wanted to be…
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Music, Bouncer

Getting misty for the cranky old barkeep

When last we spoke, I no doubt left you on the edge of your seat wondering whether or not I made it home in my unregistered car before the fuzz changed his mind and impounded it. Then there was the…
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News, Feature What the Left Got Wrong About Iraq

What the Left Got Wrong About Iraq

On May 15, 2003, in the early days of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, I took a trip to al-Mufwrakiyya, a village on the banks of the Tigris River two hours south of Baghdad. A U.S. military crane had just…
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Film, No Film at 11

No Film at 11

Everyone with a TV remembers President Bush in the flight suit, landing on that aircraft carrier, standing in front of a "Mission Accomplished" banner, and triumphantly declaring that major combat operations in Iraq were over. Two years on, many feel…
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