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Music, All Shook Down A Slightly Strange Guide to Musician-Related Cockney Rhyming Slang

A Slightly Strange Guide to Musician-Related Cockney Rhyming Slang

If you happened to catch hugely popular British DJ, Pete Tong, at Public Works on Saturday night, you might have wondered why he'd called the night "All Gone Pete Tong". While the term means nothing to most Americans, it…
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Music, Hear This Every Year's Model

Every Year's Model

Okay, so perhaps Elvis Costello has become a bit precious over the years, preferring to dabble in "grown-up" genres of jazz, standards, and classical music rather than to churn out rock 'n' roll. His dalliances with pretense are part of…
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Music, All Shook Down Mike Myers to Host MTV Movie Awards

Mike Myers to Host MTV Movie Awards

Mike Myers will host the MTV Movie Awards this year, and will no doubt plug his latest laffer, The Love Guru. I know what you're saying -- "Who?" Hey Mike, what have you been up to since Austin Powers?…
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Music, All Shook Down Swingers are growth business for U.S. firms

Swingers are growth business for U.S. firms

Michel Houellebecq looks more and more prescient every day with Platform. Islamic terrorism? Check. Sex tourism? Check? The cult of youth? Check. "... Any other hobby that I was into at 40 years old is going to cost me…
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Culture, Stage

Proving the importance of darkness in Shakespearean comedy

From Malvolio's embittered call for revenge at the end of Twelfth Night to Oberon's merciless joke on Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream, darkness plays as important a role as light in Shakespeare's comedies. Much Ado About Nothing is no…
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News, Infiltrator Imposter Impersonator

Imposter Impersonator

I'm being screamed at by an angry Joan Rivers impersonator. "This is not Halloween!" she says, so angrily and with so much scorn that she's now completely out of her Joan Rivers character. An irate Cher impersonator joins in. Several…
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Best of San Francisco, Shopping & Services

Best Used Furniture Store

We're not sure we want to know why this shop is called "The Touch," but we don't really care. Two enormous rooms of well-kept, reasonably priced, non-stinky used furniture is enough for us. You can find old typewriters, midcentury coffee…
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News, Dog Bites

Chef Flower Power

The Hippy Gourmet sees cosmic links everywhere. And we're not talking about sausage. He's San Francisco's contribution to the TV cooking craze, the star of a half-hour public-access cable show filmed in the heart of the Haight. The gourmet in…
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Film, <i>Powers</i> Off

Powers Off

Not much has changed in the 11 years since Mike Myers used the Wayne's World movies as a personal launch pad, tipping his James Bond-spoofing Austin Powers hand only when he was strong enough box office to reap the rewards…
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News, Letters


Nursing Home Tragedies Thank you for the incisive, accurate, and heart-rending article by Matt Smith on the Mill Valley nursing home ("Diagnosis: Eviction," June 9). After caring for her at home for five years, it was there that my mother…
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News, Letters


Austin Powers: Lower the Bar In his review of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Patrick Williams obviously missed the point of Austin Powers entirely ("It's Awful, Baby, Yeah!," Film, June 9). Its target audience -- teens and twentysomethings…
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It's Awful, Baby, Yeah!

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Directed by Jay Roach. Written by Mike Myers and Michael McCullers. Starring Myers, Heather Graham, Michael York, Rob Lowe, Mindy Sterling, and Verne Troyer. Opens Friday, June 11, at area theaters. A fine…
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The House of Tudor

With Mike Meyers dressing the cover of this month's GQ and Rolling Stone, we knew it was only a matter of time before the creator of Austin Powers sussed out his greatest publicity vehicle. So it is that "Austin Powers…
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Calendar, Night&Day

All Mod Cons

Haight Street might have been the place to wear flowers in your hair, but mods knew that the hippest place on 1960s Earth was Swinging London and its youthquaker epicenter, Carnaby Street. The music and fashion union sounded like the…
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House of Tudor

Just as musicians have discovered the significance of silence (leaving breathing room in the space between carefully placed notes), visual artists have begun to discover the importance of noise (creating color and texture with a palette of sound). Artist/activist Chris…
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