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Music, All Shook Down For Some Surf-Rock With a Country Twang, Check Out Surf Bored's Debut Album, <i>The Rehearsal</i>

For Some Surf-Rock With a Country Twang, Check Out Surf Bored's Debut Album, The Rehearsal

If you hear a Southern twang in any of the tracks on S.F. band Surf Bored's debut album, The Rehearsal (which was released today), don't worry: you're not crazy. The lead singer of the quintet, T.J. Mimbs, hails from…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Tourism for Locals: A Mummy Finds a Resting Place at SF State University

Tourism for Locals: A Mummy Finds a Resting Place at SF State University

Who knew going back to school could be fun and free? We're not talking about attending classes, but visiting a hidden gem tucked away at San Francisco State University. A dead body, located on the fifth floor of the…
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Culture, Stagecap

tempestuous(ness) or, HIStory Is Told by the Victors

You can get on Shakespeare's case about a lot of things — say, his being responsible for Timon of Athens. But unless you're in very uptight academic circles, you'll find it difficult to make a sustained case for his systematic…
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Music, Of Montreal&#146;s tantric shape-shifting

Of Montreal’s tantric shape-shifting

Kevin Barnes is a centaur. Or, at least, he plays one for a few minutes onstage each night with his polymorphic pop sextet Of Montreal. Dressing as a partly nude stallion is just one way Barnes and his hallucinatory Athens,…
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Music, Hear This Athens Art Punk

Athens Art Punk

In 1979, four residents of the sleepy Georgia college town of Athens built a scene out of conceptual art classes, yard-sale instruments, living-room keggers, and fluorescent-lit dance parties. Pulling angularity from the abyss, Pylon merged the industrial austerity and emotional…
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Listen Up, Listen Up Feature No Sympathy for the Demo

No Sympathy for the Demo

I remember watching Oliver Stone's outlandish portrayal of the Doors, after having spent numerous hours practicing rock star poses in front of a full-length mirror, and convincing myself of how simple it would be to get a record deal. My…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Princess of Produce

Princess of Produce

WED 9/1 Is there a vegetarian in the whole wide world who doesn't own stained and splattered copies of Mollie Katzen's Moosewood Cookbook and The Enchanted Broccoli Forest? Back in 1977, when most Americans regarded meat-shunners as anemic nibblers of…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

Every rocker boy dreams of bowing down to an amazon onstage – a 50-foot queenie with platinum-blond tresses, black lashes that could poke your eyes out, lips that would make a microphone sweat – and meeting his maker beneath her…
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Music, Barnes Storming

Barnes Storming

The Canadian native with the medical condition was angry, and Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes had no one to blame but himself. The girl had come out to see Barnes' band in New York, thinking she was supporting musicians from…
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Culture, Stage

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The beauty of this marvelous tale about love, fairies, and natural aphrodisiacs is that you cannot see it too many times. Perhaps Shakespeare's most visually compelling work, complete with lush forest settings and sprightly mythological creatures, A Midsummer Night's Dream…
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Music, The Whee Design

The Whee Design

Call and Response is practicing at drummer Jordan Dalrymple's Berkeley apartment. "This is a song you make out to," singer Carrie Clough says by way of introduction. "In a Chevy van with a heart-shaped bubble window," organist/singer Simone Rubi finishes…
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Calendar, Night&Day Good Fortune

Good Fortune

Good FortuneIn an age in which the alphabet of American independent music sometimes seems to stretch only from Athens to Austin, not too many people are touting the San Francisco scene. Berkeley-based Fortune Records is a happy exception, providing fans…
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