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News, Sucka Free City

Rolling Blunder: Misdirected Rage Over Tech Buses Boils Over

This month, the Internet got bent out of shape shortly after one of the city's ubiquitous private buses rear-ended a historic trolley. At last, crowed online observers, a tangible allegory for the state of a city in flux: Moneyed, entitled…
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News, The Snitch Charles J. Dowd, Retired S.F. Firefighter, Disappears After Boarding Amtrak Train

Charles J. Dowd, Retired S.F. Firefighter, Disappears After Boarding Amtrak Train

via FacebookCharlie DowdAuthorities are looking for Charles J. Dowd, a San Mateo resident and former San Francisco firefighter, who mysteriously vanished after he boarded an Amtrak train in the East Bay earlier this week. Dowd, 69, boarded a train in…
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News, The Snitch Caltrain Conductor Accused of Soliciting Sexual Favors From Minor

Caltrain Conductor Accused of Soliciting Sexual Favors From Minor

Ricardo Arias Cano, a conductor who worked on Caltrain, was arrested recently on suspicion of propositioning two female passengers for sex, one who was a minor. The 60-year-old South San Francisco man has since been banned from Caltrain property. According…
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Best Scrolling View

Amtrak to Sacramento (800) 872-7245, If you've ever taken the weekend or evening ride on Amtrak's Capitol Corridor route to Sacramento, you've likely as not seen an in-the-know couple lounging in a dining booth with a luxury picnic complete…
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Dining, Eat San Francisco on $36.82 a Day

San Francisco on $36.82 a Day

On the whole, I don't have an envious bone in my body. I'm not bragging: It's just an accident of psychological makeup. But I do experience the unfamiliar sensation from time to time. The current object of my (dis)affection is…
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Summer Guide, Summer This Train Is Your Train

This Train Is Your Train

I'm not exactly sure what it is I love about traveling by train except that I'm just the sort of crackpot who prefers the Sunday paper to CNN online, mint juleps to tequila shooters, three-course sit-downs to In-N-Out Burgers, and…
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News, Bay View A Black and White Issue

A Black and White Issue

When Amtrak hired Abner Morgan to do electrical work in its East Bay rail yard in 1990 for $9.69 an hour, the Oakland native figured he'd landed a dream job. "It was a secure, nice job where I could make…
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Dining, Eat All Aboard

All Aboard

I've been a train nut ever since that signal spring day 15 years ago when I boarded the Zephyr at Oakland's decrepit old railroad depot and spent an afternoon and evening crossing the Sacramento Valley, climbing the snowy passes of…
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Calendar, Halloween

Night Crawler

Da Da Da San Francisco is dappled by the shadows of dada: Coffee tables crawl out of abandoned windows at Defenestration, fun-fur-festooned chickens and pogoing turnips follow their faith to the St. Stupid's Parade, and the Mud People squirm their…
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Calendar, Halloween

REAL ASTROLOGY For an Unreal World

Aries (March 21-April 19): Picture yourself in this scene: a Jacuzzi suite with a stunning view, an expert massage artist of your favorite gender, and the music that most unlocks your mind. Now picture that scene even harder. Again. And…
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