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Calendar, Night&Day Hammer Time

Hammer Time

Litquake is rife with quality literary events, but organizers understand that sometimes you just want to hold a beer and watch wrestling. Hence: “Figure Four Caps Lock: Pro Wrestling Memoirs from Classy Freddie Blassie to The Fabulous Moolah.” No fights…
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Calendar, Night&Day Now Appearing: Practically Everyone

Now Appearing: Practically Everyone

During the run of Litquake, there’s sometimes a tendency (never by us!) to be timid in the early offerings, babying the reserves of literary interest for the madness of the fest’s closing night, Lit Crawl. Here’s a tip: Fear Lit…
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Calendar, Night&Day Soccer Succor

Soccer Succor

Regarding soccer, the most many locals do is admire its fans, foremost among whom is author and barkeep Alan Black. But sometimes we’ll also consider hooliganism, the way Manchester United sounds like a punk band, and whatever it is David…
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Calendar, Night&Day Fack? Feck? Fick? Fock?

Fack? Feck? Fick? Fock?

You don't go to "literary readings." You're afraid they might suck. We have four words and an exclamation point for you: GROW THE F*CK UP! This excellent and very San Francisco evening does not feature all the city's best readers,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Of Peacoats and Futile Human Striving

Of Peacoats and Futile Human Striving

This week we salute celebrated writer and absurdist peacoat model Albert Camus, who authored memorable romantic comedies such as The Stranger, which hinges upon the irrational murder of an Arab man in French Algiers, and The Plague, which follows the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Writers with Drinks

Writers with Drinks

Amy Tan’s characters are so formulaic, she makes Dan Brown look like William Burroughs. Pow! Tan better get used to it: She’s the guest of honor at Litquake’s Amy Tan Tribute/Roast, which means elite scribes like Andrew Sean Greer, Michael…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Quality Police

The Quality Police

Creativity thrives on nurturance, encouragement, and unconditional love, but not at the Cherry Bleeds Literary Happy Hour. If you're just starting out, sure, the soft approach is best. But at some point, most artists start to crave jerks: people who…
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Culture, Books Add these titles to your reading list

Add these titles to your reading list

Okay, deep breath. It's over. The year, that is. And yes, it's quite all right to be tired. We all are. So why not slow down and shut yourself in for a bit — take a moment, or a few…
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Calendar, Night&Day Let's See Some Hustle Out There!

Let's See Some Hustle Out There!

We have not read local author Jennifer Sey's book Chalked Up: Inside Elite Gymnastics' Merciless Coaching, Overzealous Parents, Eating Disorders, and Elusive Olympic Dreams. But we did see Stick It, a movie on the same theme whose tagline is "It's…
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Calendar, Night&Day A Black Mark On Your Record

A Black Mark On Your Record

Alan Black is the heart and soul of the Edinburgh Castle. If not for him, far fewer San Franciscans would have tempted the fate of their colons by ingesting haggis during an ode to the Ploughman Poet; nor would they…
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News, Matt Smith Vulgar Posing

Vulgar Posing

District 6 Supervisor candidate Rob Black's dress, demeanor, life-trajectory, political ideology, even mode of transport combine to send a powerful message: "I'm inoffensive!" This thrust contrasts neatly with Black's opponent, lefty-bully trust-fund-baby showman Chris Daly. Daly's shtick includes cursing, shouting,…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense

THURS-MON 12/30-1/3 What would happen if someone -- say, actor Jake Gyllenhall -- shot a bullet into a rip in the space-time continuum and it appeared 28 days prior, killing him before he took the shot? Sub in a jet…
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Culture, Books The Pub in Publishing

The Pub in Publishing

A large woman in a miniskirted Santa suit perches on a barstool in front of me, drink in hand. Other Santas in various states of debauchery and exhaustion wander in as the night goes on; it's the 10th anniversary of…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Drunk and Irate

Drunk and Irate

TUES 11/2 Two weeks ago, the Dog Bites column ran a series of threats from random people who insisted they'd leave the country if Bush keeps his spot in the Oval Office. It looked like Australia and New Zealand were…
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Best of San Francisco, People & Places

Best Literary Bartender

Whether you want to discuss the merits of various Lowland single malts, the pros and cons of the first person in contemporary fiction, or 18th-century rhetoricians, Alan Black's your man. As with all good bartenders, his mien is gruff…
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Music, House of Tudor House of Tudor

House of Tudor

Eric Arthur Blair was born on June 25, 1903, in Motihari, India, where his father was employed as a civil servant, but he was raised and educated in England by his mother, gratitude for which he expressed by shuffling off…
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Music, House of Tudor Sound  Advice

Sound Advice

Some of the most exciting shows I've seen in San Francisco have involved local artists expressing themselves in atypical ways. In such a vein, the "Bored Collective" is a nonliterary storytelling event that calls upon dance-music mavens to express themselves…
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News, Night Crawler Traditions We Share

Traditions We Share

It's a warm, clear December morning, and Christmas is in the air. Outside the storefront quaintly named Guns & Things, a Christmas seal dressed in silver tinsel and a black wet suit shuffles up to join half a dozen of…
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Calendar, Halloween

Night Crawler

Corner Kicks It's Wednesday. 7:30 a.m. The Market Street crowds are deeply lodged in workaday muck. Battling rush-hour traffic with 16 ounces of hot caffeine wedged between their thighs, the commuters try to ignore the unusually warm early morning sun…
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Night Crawler

"Are you here for the Tenderloin Walking Tour?" asks Alan Black, co-founder of the Scottish Cultural and Arts Foundation, standing outside the Edinburgh Castle. "You had better take this bulletproof map," he says, handing over a laminated plot of the…
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