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News, The Snitch Current TV Considering Sale

Current TV Considering Sale

Another one bites the dust.Al Gore's San Francisco-based liberal media outlet, Current TV, may soon be up for sale.The network, which started life by catering to young liberals and crusading against global warming before filling its airwaves full of talking…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Host Gavin Host! <i>The Gavin Newsom Show</i> Is Indeed Gavin Newsom's Show

Host Gavin Host! The Gavin Newsom Show Is Indeed Gavin Newsom's Show

The hunky hizzoner Gavin Newsom left the office of Mayor of San Francisco a year and half ago -- and we couldn't be happier, since Ed Lee is so much fun to hate on. But Gavin's been keeping busy since…
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Film, "4:44 Last Days on Earth": How We Lived at the End

"4:44 Last Days on Earth": How We Lived at the End

In writer/director Abel Ferrara's vision of the apocalypse, Chinese joints deliver right up until the end. The media's "live coverage" continues almost as long. Sorry, haters: "Al Gore was right," says NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan, playing himself. The ozone layer,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Warning: Contents May Be Subject to Litigation

Warning: Contents May Be Subject to Litigation

Look closely at the paper coffee cup you picked up on the way to work this morning. “Careful, the beverage you're about to enjoy is extremely hot.” Some variation of this wording is standard on most disposable cups these days.…
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News, The Snitch Is Current TV Bracing For More Layoffs?

Is Current TV Bracing For More Layoffs?

Former Vice President Al Gore's Current TV may be getting ready to make significant layoffs in the ranks of its Web staff, Gawker reports. The San Francisco-headquartered company, which has been hailed as an innovator in Internet and user-created content,…
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Culture, Books Pocketbook Environmentalism

Pocketbook Environmentalism

The dustjacket and front pages of Oakland environmentalist Van Jones' new book are littered, as it were, with gushing blurbs by the likes of Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Tom Daschle, and Gavin Newsom. Jones "demonstrates conclusively that the best solutions…
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Calendar, Night&Day Lock, Stock, and Workshop

Lock, Stock, and Workshop

Locks, like borders, are manmade inventions that define ownership, not just of property but of people (think of chain gangs or suspects in a jail cell). The lock has also become a potent metaphor for control and safekeeping, finding its…
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Culture, Artcap

Your Carbon Footprint at Southern Exposure

Every year, cars and trucks in the city of San Francisco spew out more than 2.5 million tons of greenhouse gases. Fortunately, the wind that tears across Twin Peaks tends to keep our air quality clean. But, as Al Gore…
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News, The Snitch Guy Who Founded the Weather Channel Kind of Insane

Guy Who Founded the Weather Channel Kind of Insane

"The Weather Channel had great promise, and that's all gone now because they've made every mistake in the book," John Coleman told the attendees of the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change on Monday, according to Coleman is the…
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News, Sucka Free City

Better Than N.Y.!

Rudy Giuliani's new campaign ad calls New York "America's most liberal city" — which means he's definitely lost the San Francisco vote. Come on, man — what's your standard? Pot clubs per capita? Number of people engaging in "community building…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish New DVDs -- <i>Heart of Darkness, Nosferatu</i>, Unrated <i>Die Hard</i>

New DVDs -- Heart of Darkness, Nosferatu, Unrated Die Hard

Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse (Paramount) At last available on DVD, Eleanor Coppola's 1991 documentary about her husband's tumultuous trek downriver remains, easily, the best film ever about the making of a movie and unmaking of a man. Francis…
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News, Matt Smith

Gavin Newsom Can Help Cure Global Warming's Effects ... with High-Rises

It's now well established that leadership on the issue of global warming is a ticket to political stardom. Lest you doubt that, consider the irresistibility of a fantasy presidential ticket shared by global-warming policy leader Michael Bloomberg and climate-change proselytizer…
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News, The Snitch Peace Out: The S.F. Weekly's Top-10 Suggestions of More Noble Nobels Than Our Pal Al

Peace Out: The S.F. Weekly's Top-10 Suggestions of More Noble Nobels Than Our Pal Al

By Benjamin Wachs and Joe Eskenazi We're as excited for Al Gore as the next guy, so when we heard he'd been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, we had the same reaction you probably did: Was the movie really…
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Calendar, Night&Day Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction

Al Gore succeeded in ramming global warming into the frontal lobe of American consciousness, but he didn’t make it sexy. Fortunately, scraggly man Leonardo DiCaprio has stepped up to perform that all-important function. As co-producer and onscreen narrator of The…
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Sympathy for the Devil

PARK CITY, Utah -- Ten days of terse texting among professional narcissists working on little or no sleep in one of the last cold spots left on Al Gore's inconvenient Earth: Welcome to Sundance '07, where wounding homefront melodrama Grace…
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News, The Apologist

Global Warning

Last Thursday, more than 5,000 scientists packed two ballrooms of the San Francisco Marriott Hotel to hear former Vice President Al Gore's keynote speech at the American Geophysical Union's fall meeting, the world's largest scientific gathering. In an impassioned address…
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Calendar, Night&Day Gomez Spreads Cheer

Gomez Spreads Cheer

Through stage shows with names like Marga Gomez's Intimate Details and Single Wet Female, it would be fair to say that Gomez -- groundbreaking in the ´80s as one of the first out lesbian comics in America -- specializes in…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Bad News With Al

Bad News With Al

An Inconvenient Truth (Paramount) This isn't exactly the kind of DVD you buy to watch again and again; the ending doesn't get happier, and there are no twists to decipher with repeated viewings. The producers hope instead that you buy…
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News, Matt Smith

Hard to Be Really Green

Now that S.F. media impresario Al Gore has burned a tanker's load of jet fuel toting his PowerPoint presentation around the globe, and compelled a million or so moviegoers to drive to asphalt-surrounded, high-voltage-air-conditioner-cooled cineplexes to see An Inconvenient Truth,…
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Film, Fahrenheit 2050

Fahrenheit 2050

With ice caps melting, sea levels rising, and Poseidon sinking fast, this is no environment for any disaster movie — particularly a real one — to take our interest for granted. Thus An Inconvenient Truth, named for the superbad news…
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