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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Walking Dead, Episode 7: Torture for Glenn and Maggie, New Friends For Michonne

Posted By on Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 10:30 AM

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What's worse than hoards of rotting, undead folk trying to bite your face off? A one-handed Merle substituting a bayonet for his missing appendage, that's what. Last week, Merle kidnapped Glenn and Maggie (two of our favorites -- we're peeved to say the least) and hauled them back to Woodbury to interrogate them into revealing where Merle's long-lost brother Daryl -- and the rest of the prison gang -- are hiding out. The first thing we see this week is Glenn duct-taped to a chair with the aforementioned bayonet bearing down upon him. Let the trauma begin!

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As Merle interrogates Glenn, rubbing the blade across his face and beating on him, we see Maggie tied to a chair in the next room, becoming increasingly distressed as she listens to her love getting punched senseless on the other side of the corrugated iron wall. We can only hope that she hears the part where Glenn headbutts Merle and breaks his nose -- because it's really, really satisfying.

Back at the prison, Rick has just discovered Michonne staring through the fence and looking desperate. She is attacked by the marauding zombies that surround her, kills a few, then collapses thanks to the Merle-inflicted gunshot from last week. Carl shoots a few walkers in the head (that kid sure is a good shot these days), Rick kills a few more and they drag Michonne into the prison, taking her sword from her, but assuring her that they aren't going to hurt her.

Shortly after, the freshly rescued Carol is reunited with the rest of the gang. She weeps when she sees the new baby for the first time and discovers that Lori died giving birth. Rick and Carl have a little cry as well. So sad.

Michonne and Rick get to chatting and, because she brought the baby formula that Glenn and Maggie dropped when they were kidnapped last week, it becomes clear that she can lead the gang to the lovebirds. She tells Rick about Woodbury and the Governor and says she knows a way into the town despite the tight security there.

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In Woodbury, Merle is telling a very badly beaten and bloody Glenn that he's "tougher" than Merle remembers. No shit, dude -- Glenn's a bonafide badass now! "It's just a matter of time before they come looking," Glenn slurs. He goes on to say there's too many of them in Rick's gang for Merle to fight and offers up a padded out list of the group that includes dead folk like Shane and -- uh-oh --  Andrea, who Merle knows full well is down the street in the Governor's bedroom, getting busy (because now she's dumb and gross).

While Hershel stitches up Michonne's leg, the rest of the gang discuss how to handle Glenn and Maggie's kidnapping. Daryl offers to go after them, Rick points out that he can't go alone. The prisoners, Axel, and Oscar volunteer, as well as Maggie's little sister Amy. (Really. Who is she kidding?). Daryl loads up the car with supplies and weaponry and tells Carl he'll keep an eye on "yer old man."

Rick pulls Carl to one side before he leaves and tells Carl how to keep everyone in the prison safe "if anything happens." "I will," Carl says. (Ever since he shot his mom in the face to stop her from becoming a zombie, we really do believe him.) Carl tells his dad that he wants to call his newborn sister Judith, after his third grade teacher. "I think that's a fine name," Rick agrees. "Judith it is." (We prefer Daryl's choice of "L'il Asskicker" personally.)

Daryl tells Carol to stay safe (make out, already!), Hershel tells Rick to "Bring 'em back" and off the gang goes, in search of Woodbury.

Finally clothed, the Governor takes Andrea to a strange room with old-timey music playing and an old, bed-ridden man named Mr. Coleman in the middle of it. That lab geek we see occasionally (Milton) is feeding Coleman. The governor thanks the gravely ill man and says he's "doing a great service." The Gov takes off and leaves Andrea there to watch Milton ask Coleman various questions about his family. Coleman weakly raises his right hand to confirm "yes" at the end of each question.

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Meanwhile, Merle's torture techniques have kicked up a notch, so he unleashes a zombie on Glenn in the room where our hero's being held. Glenn has to smash the chair he's strapped to, against a wall, into smithereens, to get his hands free. He uses a chair leg to stake the gnashing walker in the skull, then growls a lot, out of sheer frustration. It's clear now that Glenn will die before he reveals to Merle where the rest of his gang are.

Back in experiments-ville, Milton is explaining to Andrea what they're doing with Mr. Coleman, who is dying of prostate cancer. They're waiting for him to die, so they can restrain him and ask his undead self the same family-related questions that he answered a few moments ago, to see if there's a difference in his responses. (We're going to go ahead and presume a massive "yes" on that one.) Coleman apparently volunteered for the experiment, the goal of which is to establish if zombies have an unconscious mind with memories of their life.

"I need you to end the subject's reanimated state," Milton tells Andrea. "Alright," she replies calmly, before adding: "There is no unconscious mind, Milton. When they turn, they become monsters, that's all. Whoever they once were is gone." Let's hope for her sake that that's true. Otherwise, she's gonna feel real bad about shooting her undead sister in the head in Season 1. Milton reveals he's never seen a person become undead before, which seems kind of impossible under the circumstances, but hey -- we'll probably get the details on that later.

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One of the Governor's thugs tells Merle that they'll need Glenn for leverage in case the others come looking, so Merle should quit throwing zombies at him. The Governor then pays Maggie a visit. He unties her, says he'll take her back to the others and that he'll drive her there. She says she wants to see Glenn. Gov refuses and Maggie refuses to reveal where the others are.

"Fine," says the Gov. "We'll try something else. Stand up." Then, in the most abhorrent thing we've seen him do yet, he demands: "Take off your shirt, or I'll bring Glenn's hand in here." Maggie cooperates reluctantly, also removing her bra when instructed to. The governor takes off his belt and approaches her, gently touching her hair (creep) before slamming her head down on the table. "Do whatever you're gonna do," Maggie says, steely eyed. "You can go to hell." The Governor (we kind of just want to refer to him as The Bastard from now on) steps away.

On route to Woodbury, led by Michonne, Rick thanks Daryl for taking care of his baby while he was in crazy-pants mode. "That's what we do," Daryl replies nonchalantly. And, as usual, the group is then set upon by a large herd of walkers. They kill a few, then barricade themselves into a nearby cabin, that contains a dead dog and a crazy hermit hiding under a blanket. "I'm gonna call the cops!" the insane guy says before attacking Rick. So Michonne kills the dude. (She's handy that way.) The gang throws the now-dead crazy hermit guy out the front door to the walkers (who feast on his intestines as graphically as possible) and escape out the back door undetected.

In Woodbury, the very restrained, very dead Mr. Coleman has just become undead. When Milton is unsure of whether the zombie gent is trying to respond to his stupid questions, he takes off one wrist restraint, ignoring Andrea's warnings not to do so. Predictably, Undead Coleman tries to bite Milton's face off, so Andrea stabs the zombie in the skull. This Milton dude should not be in charge of the science.

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The Governor hauls half-naked Maggie into the same room as very beaten Glenn and though neither of them blab at first, Maggie blurts out "prison" the second a gun is held to Glenn's head. She also tells the Gov that there's 10 people there. Gov gets all creepy all over Maggie again, faux-comforting her, as Glenn seethes quietly. Finally he, Merle, and another goon leave the young couple alone in a desperate embrace.

Moments later, the Governor is doubting Maggie's story. "If she's lying, that means a pretty sizeable force has moved in to our back yard," he says to Merle. "But if she's not, this group -- with your brother at its core -- has done something you told me couldn't be done." Merle squirms, unaware that Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Axel, and Oscar have reached Woodbury's perimeter.

The Gov tells his goons to put together a small group to "scout" the prison. After they leave, Andrea enters, greets him with a kiss, pours herself a drink, explains that Milton didn't "find what he was looking for" and folds into the Governor's arms for comfort. Man, we hate this guy. And we're pretty sure next week, an all out war between him and our gang is going to erupt. The question is, which side will Merle choose once he lays eyes on Daryl?

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