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Culture, The Exhibitionist Lil Buck Brings His “Crazy Intricate Footwork” to San Francisco

Lil Buck Brings His “Crazy Intricate Footwork” to San Francisco

In 2011, a cell phone video of relatively unknown hip-hop dancer, Lil Buck, performing a jookin interpretation of the classic ballet variation “The Dying Swan”, took to YouTube and went viral. And, yes, it helped that the man who…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Bigger The Better

The Bigger The Better

In a radio interview, acoustic biologist Katy Payne described listening, being silent and open to what is really there, as her responsibility. Payne first achieved notoriety as part of the research team that produced 1970's Songs of the Humpback…
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Calendar, Night&Day Rocked


Earth, Wind & Fire is one of those rare bands that can please just about any crowd. It is known for getting down and dirty with the deepest of funky jams, but can also keep it light and classy…
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Calendar, Night&Day Bad Dad

Bad Dad

Bob Saget is not the wholesome patriarch of an Alamo Square painted lady, but he played one on TV. Later he played himself in a documentary about a famously dirty joke, and suddenly Saget's flair for family-unfriendly comedy was…
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Calendar, Night&Day As If!

As If!

If you still think of Alicia Silverstone as the meddlesome rich girl from Clueless, you just haven't been paying attention. For years, this San Francisco native has been an outspoken advocate for the environmental causes that fuel her most…
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Calendar, Night&Day We all will be received

We all will be received

Even those who sneer at cover bands must admit a great cover can be the gotcha track on any album because, at their best, cover songs are like love letters, not impersonations. Since 2010, the UnderCover collective has consistently…
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Calendar, Night&Day Flicks & Dips

Flicks & Dips

The films featured at Hummus, Falafel, and Brisket — Oh My! have some bumper sticker-worthy titles. There is Make Hummus Not War, Falafel! Give Peas a Chance, and, lacking such a catchy name but still worth watching, Meathooked! The…
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Calendar, Night&Day Fresh Ink

Fresh Ink

It's a rare thing, but occasionally, reading Wikipedia fills us with jealous rage. More often than not, this rage is followed up with an earnest visit to Amazon, in search of a particular book (or three). This was the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Coming to America Near You

Coming to America Near You

Gary Shteyngart is a critical darling: His first three books, The Russian Debutante's Handbook, Absurdistan, and Super Sad True Love Story (besides all having amazing titles) have each been highly praised, and he was named one of The New…
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Calendar, Night&Day VaRiety Broadcast

VaRiety Broadcast

Think of Cabinet of Wonders as a rock 'n' roll show, an evening of vaudeville and a literary reading all rolled into one. It will, as the series' sponsors at NPR like to say, "make you laugh, think and…
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Calendar, Night&Day broken hearts in his wake

broken hearts in his wake

The former loves of Davy Rothbart are probably pretty pissed at him by now. Since his essay collection My Heart Is An Idiot hit the shelves last year, Rothbart — creator of FOUND Magazine, filmmaker, and contributor to NPR…
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Calendar, Night&Day This is How You Win

This is How You Win

Junot Díaz won the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize for his 2008 novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and was a finalist for the National Book Award for his 2012 collection This Is…
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Calendar, Night&Day Brain in a box

Brain in a box

Futurist, author, and pioneering inventor Ray Kurzweil will be at the Jewish Community Center to speak on his newest book, How to Create a Mind. Kurzweil, probably best known for his writing on the Singularity (his prediction that, about…
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Calendar, Night&Day African Road-Trip

African Road-Trip

When Bongo Sidibe played with Grateful Dead member Mickey Hart in 2008, he was probably the only person in the Shoreline Amphitheatre who had never heard of him — it was one of his first gigs in the U.S.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Blow Your Minds

Blow Your Minds

At the age of 90, Henry Brant won the Pulitzer Prize in Music for "Ice Field," a "spatial narrative" requiring 100 players spread throughout a grand hall. The composition invoked Brant's experience as a 13-year-old kid aboard a ship traveling…
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Calendar, Night&Day Really, Don't Be Shy

Really, Don't Be Shy

Is Shylock, the Jewish moneylender in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, a villain or a victim? For one night, watch award-winning actor Guy Masterson debate the question in Shylock, as he explores the controversial character. A lot has happened since…
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Calendar, Night&Day Don’t Tell Mama

Don’t Tell Mama

Short on narrative but rich in imagery and portent, Cabaret-Berlin: The Wild Scene, weaves together original photographs, paintings, home movies, news clippings, documentary footage, and audio archives into an impressionistic collage representing the Weimar Kabarett. While today Bertolt Brecht and…
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Calendar, Night&Day Ad Hock

Ad Hock

You may not have heard of Portal A, a video production company formed by three East Bay twentysomethings, but odds are you’ve seen one of the company’s viral videos, particularly if you follow politics or sports. During Mayor Ed Lee’s…
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Calendar, Night&Day Mo' Mo Willems

Mo' Mo Willems

Before Sesame Street, Mo Willems was just like any other struggling New York talent. He had an improv troupe and a variety show on the Lower East Side. To keep up with bills, he hand-painted trading cards for his more…
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Calendar, Night&Day Dino-Mite


Everybody loves a petting zoo, with those irascible baby goats and downy-soft bunnies. But what about the kids who love bugs more than bunnies, whose attraction to snakes, sharks, and crocodiles is eclipsed only by their giddy fascination with dinosaurs?…
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