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Michael Singman-Aste 

Calendar, Night&Day Go Niners!

Go Niners!

A treasure hunt conjures images of adventure, thrills, and pirates who look like Johnny Depp. Reality is a bit bleaker: empty sluices and empty stomachs, "fill-in-the-blank or bust" most often ending in the latter. Sarina Finkelstein spent four years…
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Calendar, Night&Day A Partnership Made in Heaven

A Partnership Made in Heaven

Add Hiroshi Sugimoto and God to the list of great artistic collaborators, joining the ranks of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí. In 2012, three years after Sugimoto photographed Mexican artist Sergio Bustamante's re-creation of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Collision Course

Collision Course

Stock car racing has broad appeal, from applied physics converting raw power into mechanical poetry in motion, to the thrill of knowing that at any moment something could go horribly wrong. In "Crash," Hilary Pecis deconstructs stock photos of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Kirke Paints "Girls"

Kirke Paints "Girls"

If beauty lies in symmetry, then Jemima Kirke's models lack it, at least by her rendering. With mismatched eyes, crooked noses and deep scowl lines, to call her portraits of these women "quirky" is an understatement and trivialization. The…
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Calendar, Night&Day Marmots and Varmints

Marmots and Varmints

Henry Schreiber reimagined Henry Fuseli's famous (and frequently copied) oil painting The Nightmare, replacing the incubus with a dozen groundhogs striking the same quizzical pose. Then there was Marmot with the Pearl Earring and the Marma Lisa. In his…
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Calendar, Night&Day Lights On, No One Home

Lights On, No One Home

Imagine a neutron bomb dropped on downtown San Francisco – the people gone, the buildings and infrastructure left unscathed. The work in Now That You're Gone ... San Francisco Neighborhoods Without Us has that freshly apocalyptic feel, as nine…
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Calendar, Night&Day FilmStrip Tease

FilmStrip Tease

Images advertising On the Edge 4, the photography expo brought to you by the good folks at Erotic Art Events, are heavy on the cheese and rife with cliché. But digging through the portfolios of the 26 participating photographers…
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Calendar, Night&Day Shadow Woman

Shadow Woman

Many artists dream of having a large audience acknowledge their work — it might be long after their deaths, but better late than never. Vivian Maier's stash of over 100,000 photographs and negatives surfaced after she died in 2009,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Right to Choose

Right to Choose

Although feminism has evolved beyond being simply about choice, reproductive decisions are just as topical as they were 40 years ago, when the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that the right to privacy was broad enough to…
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Calendar, Night&Day Survival of the Satirist

Survival of the Satirist

All too often an exhibit is described as "important," but rarely are viewers warned that "people who do not see this show will die." Survivalists list food, water, shelter, and fire as necessities when the shit eventually hits the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Sex Play

Sex Play

If you're gonna do it, do it right. Safe sex advocate and graphic designer Buzz Bense has been creating and collecting sex-positive posters since 1982, and more than 100 of them are on display with tips to keep you…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Glitterati

The Glitterati

Jamie Vasta searched high and low for the perfect subject for her medium, from Angela Carter's fairy tales to Caravaggio's oil paintings, before fulfilling her quest. In her fourth show, "Femme," after an epiphany like that which brought forth…
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Calendar, Night&Day A priceless work

A priceless work

Earlier this month, Banksy set up a stand in Central Park to sell his pieces, anonymously, for $60 a pop. Although at auction his work has fetched more than $100K, he barely got a nibble. Tonight Dickson Schneider does…
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Calendar, Night&Day Your 5-Year-Old Probably Couldn't Do Better

Your 5-Year-Old Probably Couldn't Do Better

The paintings of Lexis Rubenis sit on the sweet spot between abstract and surreal, as though the artist had swiped the back of his hand across a still-wet Salvador Dali masterpiece. The resulting images are a bit unsettling, lines…
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Calendar, Night&Day cute as a bug

cute as a bug

Creatures great and small intertwine with the symmetry of an Escher, forgoing predation for symbiosis, in Tiffany Bozic's "Sense of Wonder." In more than fifty acrylic on maple panels, bats hang with bugs, ants swarm unmolested over a Frogmouth bird's…
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Calendar, Night&Day Halfway There

Halfway There

Getting old sucks, and men try everything to cope with the inevitable midlife crisis, from hitting the Porsche dealership to hitting the gym. "Throughout this adventure, I explored alternative means of dealing with this issue," says Frank Yamrus, including…
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Calendar, Night&Day Join the Club

Join the Club

Sandy Kim's photos would make great ads for Levi's, if her friends wore pants. In them they hang out, have messy sex, drink and get high, and puke. They are the cool kids. They are with the band. One…
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Calendar, Night&Day Somebody's Got to Do It

Somebody's Got to Do It

Promising art that "runs from comical to carnivorous and from haute to hairy," and with 32 pieces by 32 artists, "Doing Your Dirty Work" serves up a veritable pornucopia of erotic art. According to the curators, the call for…
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Calendar, Night&Day Romancing the Word

Romancing the Word

Being the best-selling author on the planet affords one a certain street cred. With some figures placing her above J.K. Rowling and Dr. Seuss combined, romance novelist Danielle Steel knows a thing or two about the written word. The…
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Calendar, Night&Day Lights Out

Lights Out

There is peace and quiet, and then there is too quiet, when animals have hidden or fled and only humans, with our inadequate senses, remain exposed. Ivy Jacobsen's paintings have been described as "ethereal scenery... with a feminine sensibility…
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