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Glenn Donaldson

Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

Not much has changed since Iggy Pop first wailed, "It's 1969, OK?/ War across the U.S.A." Our government is still bombing the shit out of foreign countries, and the kids are still playing garage rock. But unlike today's more polished,…
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Music, Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost

To achieve godlike status, a rock group must have more than just songs -- it must have a concept. The Rolling Stones had satanic decadence; Devo had its "new traditionalism." David Bowie changed his model for every album, which, paradoxically,…
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Music, Preaching to the Disconcerted

Preaching to the Disconcerted

The Bay Area experimental music scene is a small one: small clubs, small groups, and most often small crowds. In this microcosm, one local man is making a big noise. Not only has pianist/guitarist Ernesto Diaz-Infante recorded and performed with…
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Music, Flock You

Flock You

Outside the Bay Area, rock bands with women playing guitars and drums are still somewhat scarce. Sure, you'll get acts with female singers and bassists, but not very many girls are in the so-called "power positions." It's even more unusual…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

A visit by New Zealand noise trio The Dead C is cause for much rejoicing, considering that the legendary group has toured the U.S. only once before, in 1995. Since its debut cassette in 1987, the band -- and related…
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Music, Sound Bites

Sound Bites

Sometimes the difference between noise and music is all in your head. The above quote is not from a John Cage manifesto; rather, it's from a Tylenol commercial in which a toddler bashes pot lids together and Dad dances along…
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Music, Globs and Monsters

Globs and Monsters

"There's a music of everyday life for people who are kind of removed from external life in some ways," says Michael Gendreau from his garage in Daly City, which is more avant-Romper Room than rock studio. Surrounded by gongs, bells,…
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Music, Obscure to Unavailable

Obscure to Unavailable

As a businessman, Dial Records owner Mike Donovan is a complete failure. "No one gets paid; I never get paid. The bands get paid in records; that's about it," he laughs. Running his tiny label is difficult, especially since he…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

Azalia Snail has been performing her brand of surreal folk-pop and damaged instrumental muckery in relative obscurity for over 10 years. (In its infinite wisdom, LA Weekly awarded her the Best New Genre/Uncategorizable Artist prize last year.) After listening to…
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Music, Under the Microscope

Under the Microscope

"I've yet to start pretending I'm a "rock' musician," says Greg Bianchini, singer/lute player for the Muons -- a claim that isn't surprising when one considers his in-depth knowledge of mid-20th century scientist/philosopher R. Buckminster Fuller, his use of ancient…
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Music, The  Fab One

The Fab One

If mental health surveys are to be believed, most people would prefer death to performing in public. Fortunately, Alameda superstar Mario Hernandez, in his solo act From Bubblegum to Sky, has channeled his anxiety into a miraculous one-man Beatlemania. In…
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Music, Heavy Mental

Heavy Mental

Heavy metal is primped boys in spandex delivering shrieking, operatic vocals, pseudo-classical electric guitar wankery, and 20-minute drum solos. It's VH1 rockumentaries, underage hesher groupies, and 40,000-seat stadiums. It's big riffs, badass lyrics, and boobs uncovered for the cameras. What…
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Music, The Frogs

The Frogs

In 1968, Charles Manson claimed that the Beatles' "White Album" was actually a blueprint for a race war that would trigger the apocalypse. While the Beatles were upset by this bizarre interpretation of their work, the Frogs might yet inspire…
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Music, Hear This

Hear This

From the late 1960s on, German experimental rock band Can was an influence on countless artists, including but by no means limited to Roxy Music, Pere Ubu, Chrome, the Fall, and '80s Berlin industrialists Einstürzende Neubauten (and that list doesn't…
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Music, <B>Chris Knox</B><BR>

Chris Knox

At 47, Chris Knox is the ancient root of a massive musical tree that sprouted from the green isle of New Zealand. As a member of the country's first punk band, the Enemy, and lo-fi pioneers the Tall Dwarfs, Knox…
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Music, Beat Happening

Beat Happening

Groundbreaking Olympia trio Beat Happening was both deeply loved and deeply hated in its time. The group's amateurish playing, ambiguous sexuality, and sincere heartbreak confused some punk audiences while offering others a radical alternative. By its final opus, 1992's just-reissued…
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