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News, Feature The Radio Pirate Goes Legit

The Radio Pirate Goes Legit

Daniel Roberts is bigger on being heard than seen, but this is an interesting time to take a look at him. It's a Wednesday afternoon in late April, and he's ensconced at his desk, looking oh-so-pirate-radio in mod attire, dark-framed…
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Music, Let's Get Killed Pirate Cat Radio slapped with hefty fine, pushed off the FM dial

Pirate Cat Radio slapped with hefty fine, pushed off the FM dial

Pirate Cat Radio has never been a clandestine operation. It's easy to locate in the Mission at the Pirate Cat Radio Cafe, on the radio dial at 87.9 FM, and online at The San Francisco news and music outpost…
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Music, Reviewed Bonde do Role

Bonde do Role

College radio stations everywhere better thank their lucky stars the FCC doesn't understand Portuguese. Bonde do Role has caught on recently in indie circles thanks to the band's associations with Baltimore crate-digger/Tarantino-level divisive hipster Diplo, who has had a long-running…
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News, Sucka Free City

Irrational Exubera

Just when you start to think that San Francisco's local TV news (other than KRON of course) isn't half bad, you find out that good old KPIX CBS 5 recently aired a news segment full of canned corporate drivel —…
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Music, Meow Mix

Meow Mix

Howard Stern ditches the public airwaves for satellite radio. The Federal Communications Commission's Michael Powell chastises Monday Night Football for a "racy" commercial. Santa Monica's KCRW-FM axes commentator Sandra Tsing Loh for an unbleeped "fuck." More than 20 ABC affiliates…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen I Feel Exposed

I Feel Exposed

MON 9/29 Media conglomeration issues are very "now." It's the hot topic of the moment, since the Senate seems to have voted in favor of media diversity by overturning the Federal Communications Commission's new rules allowing one guy to control…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Sex Goddesses?

Sex Goddesses?

THURS 9/4 Like actresses and politicians, prostitutes present calculated, protective facades to the public. Those fronts are sell-jobs, certainly, but also attempts to conceal and preserve a sense of self. People so guarded don't readily share their true identities with…
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Best of San Francisco, Arts & Entertainment

Best Use of Corporate Radio

Wobbly's Wild Why CD (out on local label Tigerbeat6, should be required listening at the FCC. An absurdist state-of-the-airwaves address, the album celebrates the creative power of theft, even as it pokes fun at the soggy condition of corporate…
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Culture, Stage Get On the Bus

Get On the Bus

The best-known part of Surface Transit may be what Sarah Jones calls her "song/poem," "Your Revolution," performed by one of her characters in the final scene. Jones filed and won a lawsuit against the FCC when it tried to ban…
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News, Dog Bites

The Chess Man of Market Street

The Chess Man of Market Street Every morning, sometime between 10 and 11, 77-year-old Floro Bagasala leaves his Tenderloin hotel and begins his slow, stately walk to Fifth and Market streets, pushing a loaded shopping cart. At the corner, Bagasala…
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Music, Pop Philosophy

Pop Philosophy

The future is full of gravy I have seen the future of rock 'n' roll. Not in a Jon Landau, "I've seen the future of rock 'n' roll and its name is Bruce Springsteen, so I'll quit my job at…
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Music, Pop Philosophy

The FCC wants to shut down "Your Revolution"

So far, the Bush League Administration has done a bang-up job, pushing for hot summer days via ozone depletion and cold (war) nights with a multibillion-dollar missile shield. The government appears to be shooting for retro chic, exploring the '80s…
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News, Bay View You Could  Be Jammin'

You Could Be Jammin'

This spring, the normally mild-tempered newspaper USA Today dispatched a team of investigative reporters around the country to report on the manners -- or lack thereof -- of ordinary Americans using cell phones. Not surprisingly, the journalistic sleuths discovered that…
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Buffy the Empire Slayer

There were scattered lamentations in October when longtime San Francisco broadcaster Jim Gabbert, perhaps best known for hosting a quirky late-night Sunday movie fest, announced that he was cashing it in. Gabbert and partner Michael Lincoln had agreed to sell…
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Riff Raff

Radio Free Richmond For the last three years, Richard Edmondson has played a cat-and-mouse game with the Federal Communications Commission. Edmondson operates San Francisco Liberation Radio, a tiny 40-watt station that broadcasts on S.F.'s west side. The station airs leftist…
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News, Feature

Taking Howard Stern Seriously

The man who makes his living talking louder than everyone is suddenly quiet. His eyes close behind trademark shades, his hand rubs against the table between interviewer and interviewee, his foot dangles aimlessly at the end of a lanky, nattily…
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Suspicious Minds

It was never only a test. Not to me, anyway. Is there a more quintessential postwar American sound than that jarring, interminable beep? Or that text: "This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test."…
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Calendar, Halloween


The Stern Watch Brace yourself for a big dose of Howard Stern. By early next year, barring interference from Justice Department antitrusters or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the only things standing between Bay Area radio listeners and a…
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