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Dining, Eat Mama Ji's: A Dim Sum Joint That Specializes in Belgian Beer. How S.F.

Mama Ji's: A Dim Sum Joint That Specializes in Belgian Beer. How S.F.

Lili "Mama" Ji just wants to feed you the food she likes to eat. In the month-old cafe that she opened in the Castro with her husband, Marv Woatla, she serves up a full menu of dim sum and Sichuan…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Killer Bunnies Need Remastering Too: <i>Monty Python and the Holy Grail</i> in HD

Killer Bunnies Need Remastering Too: Monty Python and the Holy Grail in HD

In the annals of film restoration -- and film restoration doesn't have all that many annals, at least not compared to most things that have annals -- there have been some truly noteworthy projects, but one stands out above all…
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Calendar, Night&Day Quack Job

Quack Job

Remember the time you and your friends sat down to watch the critically acclaimed movie Black Swan and you couldn't help but notice the shocking lack of blood-thirsty ducks? Yeah, we do too. But never fear, because the world's first…
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News, The Snitch

Matt Cain's Perfect Game: The Monty Python Connection

In Monty Python's Life of Brian, a moment of hilarity is achieved when a massive crowd chants, in unison, "We are all individuals. We are all different."This has always been a favorite comedic theme. But, watching Matt Cain putting the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Inter-gay-lactic Farce

Inter-gay-lactic Farce

We’ve told you before what a supreme weirdo Will Franken is. Take the whole cast of Monty Python, add the Firesign Theatre, mix in one of those amateur improv shows that defies expectations, and, well, you’d be close to what…
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Calendar, Night&Day Just Boxers &#151; No Briefs

Just Boxers — No Briefs

In what may be the greatest nerd fight since those two LARPers were immortalized by Google Street View, Boxwars SF is the venue for a deliriously ridiculous (and awesome) DIY battle royale. Bearing the tagline "fight or be recycled," Boxwars…
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Calendar, Night&Day Four on the Floor

Four on the Floor

Imagine Monty Python or the Kids in the Hall in drag – oh wait. Those guys were constantly in drag, never mind. The Front Row is a sketch comedy troupe whose show reminds us of those other, older all-man groups,…
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News, Letters

SF Weekly Letters

Serving Servicemembers Vet trades dog tags for dog: I have a psychiatric service dog caused by government…
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Culture, Stage Familiarity with Monty Python's movies doesn't breed fondness for <i>Spamalot</i>

Familiarity with Monty Python's movies doesn't breed fondness for Spamalot

If you grew up in the U.K. in the 1980s as I did, you grew up immersed in the world of Monty Python. At the age of 11, my friends and I would spend entire weekends glued to the telly,…
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Music, Our picks from Noise Pop&#146;s local launch pad

Our picks from Noise Pop’s local launch pad

In times of great financial crisis, it's best to do like the Monty Python folks and "always look on the bright side of life." So, while it's true that some cool touring bands are staying home and counting their pennies…
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Calendar, Night&Day Peripatetic, Poetic, and Chic

Peripatetic, Poetic, and Chic

In college, many of our friends were philosophy majors. In retrospect, this was a mistake on our part: Those people drink too much, and not for fun. Eventually, we realized they were full of crap when one of them told…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Donkey Punch

Donkey Punch

The King of Kong (New Line) Seth Gordon's best-of-2007 documentary, about the battle for Donkey Kong supremacy, remains a work-in-progress: Billy Mitchell, the longtime title holder dethroned by Steve Wiebe over the course of this hysterical, thrilling, and occasionally sad…
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Calendar, Night&Day


There's something refreshingly indelicate about the new burlesque movement. Accordingly, the Hubba Hubba Revue Holiday Spectacular revels in nervy sex appeal while giving the finger to coy striptease mystique. Sure, it has all the coquettish clothes-peeling and peekaboo cuteness, but…
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Culture, Stagecap


Have you ever been in your apartment and wondered about all the debauched couplings that must have transpired there before you moved in? Perhaps playwright Moira Buffini pondered this idea before creating Loveplay, which details the love and sex acts…
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Film, Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

In 2004 A.D., as the five remaining members of the legendary Monty Python comedy troupe lie in coffins in a Vanity Fair spread to jeer at their own deaths, it's really nice to have them back together commanding the big…
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Calendar, Night&Day

This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

Wednesday, January 14, 2004 Cassidy Curtis documents the way graffiti changes over time using "interactive timelapse collage," a Flash/Photoshop confection. Barrett Fox teaches mini-computer animation classes. Kris Bell demonstrates a Nyx Illuminated Jacket, the latest in interactive clothing. Is it…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen Idle Threat

Idle Threat

WED-THURS 12/10-11 No other comedy troupe in history has engendered the kind of cringe-worthy line-reciting fanaticism that Monty Python's Flying Circus has. And since it's the group's own damn fault for dishing out an irresistible blend of slapstick, dark comedy,…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

Kid Koala, aka Eric San, 28, may be as cute as a koala bear, but this Canadian's DJing skills are more like a grizzly: awe-inspiring, intimidating, and not to be messed with, as demonstrated on his new record and in…
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Calendar, Night&Day Reel Life

Reel Life

I was 17 when I first saw Giuseppe Tornatore's Cinema Paradiso, and though I don't put too much stock in my adolescent leanings, the film's shameless sappiness and romantic nostalgia sparked a lifelong fascination with Italian culture and with the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Mighty Funny Warriors

Mighty Funny Warriors

We've all heard of mail-order brides, but what about mail-order grooms? Aging Western women should be able to order young, exotic Asian husbands from catalogs, too, shouldn't they? And though we're all aware of mixed-race Amerasians, what about mixed-species "amphiberasians"?…
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