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Film, "Pacific Rim": Robots and Monsters and the Little People That Scurry

"Pacific Rim": Robots and Monsters and the Little People That Scurry

Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro's gift for crafting inventive monster-mash spectacles is on glorious display throughout this saga, in which Earth's last hope against the colossal beasts known as "Kaiju" is a ragtag collection of resistance fighters…
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News, The Snitch Get a Sneak Peek at This Monster Attacking the Golden Gate Bridge (Video)

Get a Sneak Peek at This Monster Attacking the Golden Gate Bridge (Video)

San Francisco is always talking about "the big" one that'll strike the city and cause mass destruction. Well, it might not be the "big one" but something certainly very big will make a cameo in San Francisco on the big…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Only Vampire Books We’ll Put Up With Right Now

The Only Vampire Books We’ll Put Up With Right Now

The steady stream of bullshit that nurtures Hollywood can drive its denizens to believe they're capable of anything: Actors want to direct, directors wish to write, and transients see themselves headlining summer blockbusters. In reality, most successful Hollywood players are…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Following Preview Is Heartily Approved

The Following Preview Is Heartily Approved

We love all manner of film geek, from the guy who always finds a way to say “Truffaut” in public to the woman who haunts the night in front of flickering silent films. A new subset, however, is close to…
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Film, Devil May Care

Devil May Care

Hollywood's Endless Superhero Summer rolls on with the arrival of Hellboy II: The Golden Army from Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro, but before this review goes any further, I must confess — head hanging low in shame — that…
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Music, All Shook Down Guillermo del Toro to Direct 'The Hobbit'

Guillermo del Toro to Direct 'The Hobbit'

Guillermo del Toro has signed on to direct The Hobbit. The story will be separated into two films, and both are executive produced by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. With amazing fantasies such as Pan's Labyrinth and…
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Film, Lock Up the Kids

Lock Up the Kids

Having a child destroys your immunity to horror, real or imagined. Before the blessed event, you could laugh off The Exorcist, The Omen, or any of a thousand gory shockers with some wide-eyed tyke as either the prey or the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Cinema Caliente

Cinema Caliente

When the Oscar nominations were announced last January, the trend-obsessed American press heralded directors Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth), Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel), and Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men) as torchbearers of a New Mexican Cinema. Never mind that savvy…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish More Shriek Than Shrek

More Shriek Than Shrek

Pan's Labyrinth (New Line) Guillermo Del Toro has made a career of mixing slam-bang special effects (Hellboy, Blade II) with creepy atmospheres (Cronos, The Devil's Backbone). But with Pan's Labyrinth, he's used his entire palette for what will likely be…
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Film, Magic Touch

Magic Touch

Written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, Pan's Labyrinth is something alchemical. To an astonishing degree, the 42-year-old Mexican filmmaker best known for his contribution to the Blade and Hellboy franchises has transformed the horror of mid-20th-century European history into…
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Film, Reel World

Of Mice and Men

John Malkovich belongs to the most mistrusted and misunderstood genus in American movies: the intelligent actor. "It's not just that you're treated like a recalcitrant, moody, trained organ-grinder monkey," he says in a soft, measured monotone during a recent publicity…
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Film, Reel World

The Majestic

The Majestic Correction, Col. Kilgore: I love the smell of fresh paint in the morning. It smells like victory -- over decay, over entropy, over time. The Castro is steeping in the scent, with fresh coats of maroon on the…
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Film, Reel World

Reel World

Bingo! Shedding years of Hollywood hesitations, veteran San Francisco writer/director Matthew Robbins is gearing up for "Action!" again. "Guillermo del Toro and I have partnered on a lot of scripts, but this is one that's under way slightly," Robbins says…
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Open Your Mouth and Say "AH"

Mimic Directed by Guillermo Del Toro. Written by Del Toro and Matthew Robbins, from a story by Donald A. Wolheim. Starring Mira Sorvino and Jeremy Northam. Opens Friday, Aug. 22, at the Kabuki. When the beautiful entomologist rips open the…
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