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Culture, Kill Your Television Judging the Outbreak of Webisodes

Judging the Outbreak of Webisodes

In a world where not many people can find something to agree on, there is one idea we can all rally around: Comcast sucks. We must all make it our goal for 2014 to send the media giant the way…
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News, Feature The Amazing Disappearing Supermarket: Building the 21st Century Grocery Store

The Amazing Disappearing Supermarket: Building the 21st Century Grocery Store

Illustration by Audrey Fukuman. Only a few hours ago, the strawberry was sitting on a vine at a family-owned farm in Watsonville, about 90 miles south of San Francisco. But, a day before, at a computer somewhere in the…
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Film, "Downloaded": The Music Biz Never Did Like That Damn File-Sharing

"Downloaded": The Music Biz Never Did Like That Damn File-Sharing

Downloaded Available on iTunes and Amazon but best viewed in a theater, Alex Winter's documentary Downloaded examines the rise and fall of the file-sharing service known as Napster from 1998 to 2002. Through copious news and interview footage, Napster creator…
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Culture, Books Found in Translation: Great Sci-Fi From AmazonCrossings

Found in Translation: Great Sci-Fi From AmazonCrossings

A laugh-out-loud apocalypse, a daft two-against-the-world love story, and a science-fiction satire of the godawful way advertising can cram everything but itself right out of our brains, Andri Snær Magnason's LoveStar (SevenStories Press, $16.95, 320 pages) is the rare novel…
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Music, In Defense of the CD: Why We Should Keep Them Around

In Defense of the CD: Why We Should Keep Them Around

No one loves CDs. The cool kids today want to either dig through crates of dusty old vinyl or pay four times too much for the new stuff. The even cooler kids spend actual money on godawful cassette tapes. And…
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Music, The business of selling used MP3s

The business of selling used MP3s

Carting a crate of used CDs to your local record store so you can make rent is a rite of passage as ancient as it can be tearful. But what about those MP3s and iTunes songs you're ready to unload?…
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Calendar, Night&Day Fuck Club

Fuck Club

The outer reaches of porn are a little hard to fathom. Splosh films? Furry fetish? 2 Girls 1 Cup? (Wait — forget about 2 Girls 1 Cup.) Fortunately — or maybe not — Chuck Palahniuk makes the world of world-record…
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Calendar, Night&Day Buy Local

Buy Local

As you're scouring Valencia Street for unique Christmas gifts that don't scream " FREE Super Saver Shipping," don't forget to make your way down to the ripe little section of 16th Street at Mission. That's where the Lab sits, and…
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Music, Giving the Indies a Spin

Giving the Indies a Spin

If you haven't noticed, all hell is breaking loose in online digital music sales. On the main stage: Last month announced its intention to enter the fray at the end of the year, challenging iTunes' hegemony in the market.…
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Dining, Social Grace

Baby Love

Dear Social Grace, I have a question about breast-feeding in public. As a new aunt, I have tried to convince my sister that she is shocking people by breast-feeding her daughter in public places. I'm talking about restaurants and department…
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Dining, Eat Chocolate U

Chocolate U

My name is Meredith, and I am not a chocoholic. Oh, it's not that I don't enjoy the confection. In fact, at any one time, there may be as many as half a dozen items containing chocolate inhabiting my kitchen.…
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Kids' Gift Box

Parents these days aren't just interested in toys that pacify tiny tots; they want baubles that improve the quality of kids' lives. We spent a day with a pack of kids testing toys and have chosen the clear winners of…
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Music, Bouncer


One big misconception of comets, the solar variety, is that they are made of fiery gas. Actually, comets are composed mainly of ice. Another misconception is that comets appear suddenly and leave just as suddenly. Actually, they have been orbiting…
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Calendar, Night&Day

This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 There was a significant period in the early '90s during which we walked around feeling angry that we couldn't see the images hidden in those Magic Eye pictures. "Stand at arm's length and sort of blur…
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Culture, Books Sticking Point

Sticking Point

I had every intention of writing this column earlier. Really, I did. But there was so much work to do, and the home office needed cleaning (who can work in all that clutter?), and I had to finish reading the…
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Culture, Books Not Kidding Around

Not Kidding Around

It's sort of embarrassing to admit it now, but one of the first books I remember reading -- if that's what I did -- was "Where Did I Come From?" by Peter Mayle, a 1970s-era guide to sex illustrated with…
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Culture, Books Guide Me

Guide Me

Guidebooks are like politicians: We rarely think about them until we really need them, and then they often disappoint. Lug one or more such books on a trip (as I just did for a honeymoon in Spain) and you'll quickly…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller

You may already be familiar with the oeuvre of San Francisco novelist Russell Rowland, though you may not know it. A few years back, Steven Yang, owner of local fortune-cookie maker M&Y Trading Service Co., went looking for somebody to…
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News, Sidebar

A Romance Glossary -- Evildoers, according to some romance authors. Amazon promotes the sale of used copies on the site, which deprives authors of royalties. Because Harlequin ships books early to subscribers, some novels can be bought used on Amazon even before…
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Best of San Francisco, Shopping & Services

Best Socially Conscious Selection of Books

Aptly named after Charlie Chaplin's anti-Nazi film Modern Times, this spacious bookstore has been providing stimulating brain food to the democratically minded masses since 1971. Thankfully, the shop has so far survived the monopolistic depredations of, Borders, and other…
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