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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Season 2, Episodes 1 & 2

Posted By on Wed, May 16, 2012 at 8:30 AM

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Season 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic picks up where the pilot episode left off, with equally mixed results.

Season 2, Episode 1: "The Return of Harmony, Part 1"

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We open on schoolteacher Cheerilee taking her students (including Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, who are just as obsessed with getting their cutie marks as ever) on a field trip through the Canterlot sculpture garden, which includes statues representing such values as Friendship and Victory. The latter, sadly, is not of Sylvester Stallone playing soccer.

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Also in the garden is a statue that Cheerilee taxonomizes as species draconequus, specific name Discord ... the representation of pony disharmony.

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It's a disharmony the Cutie Mark Crusaders represent quite often, given their tendency to fight over every little thing -- including whether Discord represents confusion, evil, or chaos -- and which may or may not be responsible for the statue coming to life behind them.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_03_confusionevilchaos.jpg

What I love about this pre-credits opening is that the exposition is delivered by established characters who have nothing to do with the rest of the episode. It assumes the viewers are up to speed on the relationships, and while it's stated outright that it's a class on a field trip, a newbie would probably deduce that the Cutie Mark Crusaders are the stars of the show, since they even get called "my little ponies." Nope! We won't see them again until the third episode.

An unspecified amount of time later, but definitely after the credits, things are getting weird elsewhere in Equestria. Clouds are turning into cotton candy and raining chocolate milk over Ponyville, Cloudsdale is experiencing a cola-storm (as a Mission hipster, I hope it's delicious Mexican Coke!) ...

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_04_cloudsdalecolastorm.jpg

... Applejack's apples are super-sizing while her heretofore unseen corn crops are popping, Fluttershy's rabbits are spontaneously mutating into hideous long-legged beasts ...

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_05_noit_snotpossible.jpg

... and in spite of putting on a swell light show, Twilight's magic fails to fix things.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_06_myfailsafespellfailed.jpg

After a group effort that seems to solve the problem, the Mane Six are called to Canterlot Tower by Princess Celestia. She exposits that Discord once ruled Equestria, until she and Princess Luna discovered the Elements of Harmony and rebelled against him.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_07_beforemysisterandistooduptohim.jpg

But since Celestia and the conspicuously absent Luna haven't controlled the Elements since at least a thousand years before the pilot episode, it's up to the Mane Six, whose defeat of Nightmare Moon using said Elements has been granted stained-glass immortality. Not that their fame did them any good at the Grand Galloping Gala.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_08_heylookwe_refamous.jpg

Can they do it again? They're all willing, though Pinkie Pie is reluctant, given the unfortunate tradeoff. (More like a Tay Zonday-off, amirite?)

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_09_eternalchaoscomeswithchocolaterain.jpg

One other problem: The Elements are missing.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_10_theelementsthey_regone.jpg

Enter Discord! In stained glass form, anyway. After taunting the Mane Six with his knowledge of which Element they each represent, he tells them how to find the Elements: Something to do with twists and turns.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_11_twistsandturnsaremymasterplan.jpg

.This is a good time to mention that Discord is voiced by John de Lancie, more commonly known as Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. (His best episodes were when he worked with Kate Mulgrew on Star Trek: Voyager, but that's another article entirely). So, Discord is basically Q, which makes perfect sense. Enjoy his voice!

Twilight deduces that "twists and turns" must mean the Elements are hidden in the palace Labyrinth. Discord neither confirms nor denies this, though he does remove the unicorns' horns and pegasi's wings in accordance with his made-up rules.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_12_noflyingandnomagic.jpg

The other rule of Discordball: Everypony has to play, and they have to travel separately whether they want to or not. And Fluttershy really does not.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_13_labyrinth.jpg

Having successfully divided the ponies, Discord stoops to conquer. He use his illusions to convince/hypnotize Applejack (Element of Harmony: Honesty) into becoming a liar, and she desaturates.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_14_applejackdesaturates.jpg

Pinkie Pie (Element: Laughter) is hypnofooled into believing that her friends are laughing at her, not with her, and she similarly desaturates, though her descent into crankiness feels anticlimactic after her disillusionment in "Party of One."

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_15_desaturatedpinkiepie.jpg

Rarity (Element: Generosity), who actually puts up more of a fight than Applejack or Pinkie Pie, is hypnofooled into seeing a boulder as a diamond, desaturates from white to ... well, from #dfe2e7 to #e3e1e3, at least on my laptop.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_16_desaturatedrarity.jpg

Fluttershy (Element: Kindness) proves too good-natured and self-aware to fall for Discord's illusions, so he takes the direct approach, making her (to use the old parlance) MEAN: Not Nice.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_17_fluttershydesaturates.jpg

When they regroup, Twilight notes the change in their behavior -- and Fluttershy's is the only one with any dramatic heft -- but not the change in their coloring, not just yet.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_18_whydon_tyouwaveyourmagiclittlehorn.jpg

Elsewhere in the Labyrinth, Discord shows a Rainbow Dash (Element: Loyalty) a vision of the destruction of Cloudsdale, which is also Season 2's first Derpywatch.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_19_derpywatch.jpg

Rainbow chooses (well, "chooses") to get her wings back so she can save Cloudsdale, but not before desaturating.

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_20_rainbowdashdesaturates.jpg

With Rainbow Dash gone, the game is forfeited. Discord removes the Labyrinth entirely (revealing no Elements of Harmony) and predicts a big change in the weather ...

click to enlarge sc_57_mlpfim_s02e01_21_abigoldstormofchaos.jpg

... one that's a lot more likely to happen than that winter Ned Stark kept prattling on about.

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